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Compex joins Valencia Triathlon expanding services to participating triathletes

Compex will be at Valencia Triathlon as one of the sponsors of this 2016 edition. A new triathlete care service that continues to increase the value and quality of the competition with more participation from the city of Valencia.

Recognized leading brand in electrotherapy in the sports sector, Compex it consolidates as another of the partner of Valencia 2016 Triathlon offering the service "Active Recovery"In a special area created for the brand in the postmeta zone. With this sponsorship, Compex is associated with a first level triathlon event.

The brand of Swiss origin will be one of the official technical brands in Valencia 2016 Triathlon. Compex has achieved in 30 years an unprecedented experience in the fields of rehabilitation, pain treatment and sports training.

His participation in Valencia Triathlon consists of the placement of a mobile active recovery center for participants of all modalities; Women's Triathlon, male Supersprint, and sprint the September 10 and Olympic the September 11; that can be enjoyed at the end of the competition.

Compex favors and accelerates muscle recovery after an intense effort to reduce fatigue.

Electrostimulation helps to eliminate waste from muscle contraction, thanks to a strong increase in blood flow, pain relief, and to relax and contract muscles, in addition to reducing stiffness and increasing the benefits of training and progression of the athlete.

Undoubtedly Compex helps the athlete to successfully improve physical health and sports performance aspects. Becoming in this way, one of the best allies for all types of athletes who will be in Valencia 2016 Triathlon.

Train with Compex

In addition to its presence in Valencia Triathlon 10 and 11 September, Compex becomes the perfect ally for the training of the test.

news_session-training-compex Compex joins Valencia Triathlon to expand the services to participating triathletes News Triathlon

Sanus Vitae, technical advisor of Valencia 2016 Triathlon, has prepared a training session with Compex for participating triathletes. A very useful tool for athletes who want to put it into practice:

More information about Compex in

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