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Compete in the stages of the Arctic Race of Norway from home thanks to Bkool!

Bkool has recreated the four real stages of the Arctic Race through its exclusive Cycling Simulator

La Arctic Race of Norway y Bkool They announce a new collaboration that will allow any cyclist in the world to enjoy from their home the 7th edition of the most northern professional cycling race on the planet.

For that, Bkool has recreated the four real stages of the Arctic Race through its exclusive Cycling Simulator, giving any fan the opportunity to compete on its routes.

Walk through the virtual stages of RNA with Thor Hushovd

To participate you only need a cycling roller of any compatible brand and have an account in the Bkool Simulator.

A golden opportunity to Enjoy the beauty of the roads of northern Norway, training alongside cyclists from different parts of the planet and trying to mark distances in their most demanding sections, such as the ascent to the Storheia Summit, known as the Norwegian Mont Ventoux with 3,5 km to 11,8%.

A spectacular competition organized by Bkool, who will kick off on next August 5, with the participation of Thor Hushovd and Gunn Rita Dahle, luxury ambassadors of the event. In addition, the best runners will be awarded with exclusive prizes from the Arctic Race of Norway.

A new training program for the Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race

The exclusive Bkool technology will also contribute to the development of the Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race, the official junior race organized by Equinor (Main Sponsor of the ARN), the Norwegian Cycling Federation and the Arctic Race of Norway.

A total of 120 young talents from Norway, France, Germany, Scotland and Finland will compete in Narvik next Sunday August 18 on the same circuit as the professionals. A few days before, all of them will have the opportunity to test the route virtually in Bkool, being able to test the circuit and plan their race strategies accurately.

In the words of Javier Cepedano, Bkool's Director of Marketing and Sales: “It is a fantastic collaboration for our brand. Joining our advanced cycling simulator to the best race organizer on the planet opens up a new world of possibilities on an international level.

A realistic virtual environment

The Bkool Simulator is capable of creating realistic representations of each race, through thousands of routes that perfectly replicate the distance, the degree of unevenness, the wind, the landscapes and the climatic conditions of outdoor cycling.

So anyone who wants to experience first-hand what the riders of the Arctic Race of Norway feel has a unique opportunity, from the comfort of their own home and competing with cyclists from other countries. ”

Knut-Eirik Dybdal, Director of the Arctic Race of Norway: “We are very happy to start this collaboration with Bkool. Thanks to this new alliance, any cyclist will be able to enjoy the beauty of northern Norway, competing in the Arctic Race of Norway in the same way as professionals.

This idea perfectly responds to our main objective, which is to turn the Arctic Race of Norway into a showcase to promote Norway internationally.

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