City councils and federation show their commitment to the Pure universe

The organization announces that the next Pure Triathlon season will expand its offer with a test abroad.


Pure Triathlon it's here. This is the start of the second edition of the event, which will be held this weekend in Marina d'Or 800 triathletes at different distances that are part of the Pure universe. In the act of presentation, public institutions, sponsors and athletes have shown their full support for the competition, which they consider a clear example of "teamwork" on the part of all the parties involved in the event.

The act has had the presence of the mayor of Cabanes, Virgina Martí, the Councilor for Sports of Oropesa, Sonia Betllés, the director of activities of Marina d'Or, José Carbonell, Arturo Navarro, representative of the Valencian Triathlon Federation, Jesús Sánchez Bas, director of 226ERS, main sponsor of the event, in addition to Fermín Egido, the race's director, and the triathletes Iván Álvarez and José Almagro, top candidates for the long and medium distance victory, respectively.

Martí highlighted the "total support" of Cabanes to this event, which will cover much of its municipal area, including the town center, despite the inconvenience and specific cuts that may cause. Betllés, meanwhile, reiterated its commitment to support the "sports events" to the maximum and thanked Pure, for the second consecutive year, has chosen its location as a focal point of the competition.

Carbonell highlighted the "life and activity" generated in Marina d'Or a test of this magnitude, both by athletes and their families, while Navarro praised the "teamwork" between the federation of the Valencian Community, which will provide 32 people to the organization, of which 25 will be official, and the staff of Pure.

Fermín Egido, director of Pure, thanked the institutions for their support and recalled that behind the test there is a great team of 200 people that makes it possible to celebrate. Egido has also announced that the Pure franchise will make the jump next season abroad, where he hopes to hold a test that will help consolidate the franchise as one of the best in the world.

Iván Álvarez and José Almagro, great favorites for the final victory, praised the circuit for which the competition is going to develop and asked the triathletes "prudence and caution" in case the weather does not go along. "The important thing is to get everyone well to the goal," said Alvarez, referring to the potential danger that the descent of the port of Cabanes may have in the event of rain. Both athletes thanked the organization that Pure is a test in which "the opinion of the triathlete has always been taken into account". Sánchez Bas, finally, confirmed the close relationship between Pure and 226ERS, two brands that he said "walk together because we believe in our respective projects."

The Pure universe starts this afternoon with the classic race of 5 kilometers so that athletes release their nerves and their relatives and companions also have the opportunity to be part of the sports party. Tomorrow will be held the three major events: Long Distance 226 (08: 00 hours), Half 113 (09: 00 hours) and the 60 or Olympic test (08: 30 hours), ideal for those triathletes who want to evolve towards long distances. All the tests will have supplies specially created for the occasion by the prestigious sports nutrition firm 226ERS.

The tests will count with a novel route, designed by experts, and which has made the most of the multiple climatic, landscape and orography advantages offered by the Castellón coast. The swimming sector will have as its scenario the beach located in front of the Marina d'Or complex, the neuralgic center of the competition. The triathletes must complete a lap over a distance of 3.800 meters in the full waters of the Mediterranean. The cycling sector will be developed on a circuit of 46 kilometers to which the 226 triathletes will give four laps, two in the 113 and one in the 60. The race, unlike what happened in the first edition, will happen up to four times, in the distance 226, near the finish area, which will allow the spectators to follow the evolution of the race in the different laps.

In the running sector, the triathletes will tour a circuit that runs parallel to the seashore and whose profile is completely flat. The Long Distance triathletes will have to travel four times this attractive circuit to complete the 42 kilometers, while those of the 'Half' will give two laps and those of the 60 test, one.


One of the main attractions of the tour, both for the companions and for the triathletes themselves, is that all the circuits are concentrated in a small space, just three minutes from the accommodation centers of Marina d'Or. This data is important for athletes, who are freed from the stress of other competitions, and for their families, who without moving from a small radius of action can follow the evolutions of their triathlete.


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