Statement from the Spanish Federation for the suspension of Ferro's Home

The Spanish Triathlon Federation has published on its website a note explaining the current situation of the Spanish Long Distance Championship.

Last week the suspension of the Home de Ferro, the test in which this championship was going to be held, was made public, so Fetri is looking for an alternative venue.

As we can read in their statement, they have successfully tried to establish the headquarters in Orense, but now they are focused on trying to close an agreement with the Federation of Castilla y León and the organizer Ximo Rubert, which organizes the famous Elche triathlon.


Regarding the concern of the triathletes who were registered for the Home de Ferro, the Federation states the following: «We know and understand the sentiments of the registered triathletes but from the Federation we can only react with the utmost diligence and with the greatest possible commitment to try to rebuild a venue for the Spanish Long Distance Championship, an issue that you will understand is very complicated with so little margins . We are frantically conducting negotiations and negotiating and facilitating these potential organizers to carry out the competition, as long as it takes place under the conditions of dates (for a matter of preparation) and regulations that are as close to the original as possible, also respecting the criteria of classification".

«In any case, all triathletes classified and registered in Ibiza will be classified by the Spanish Triathlon Federation without having to compete in any previous test in the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship 2012. And also those who are not classified by The criteria for Vitoria 2012 would be tried to negotiate with the ITU (special ITU invitation) so that they could participate. "

In summary, currently the Spanish long distance championship has two possible options:

1º Possibility that Ximo Rubert will launch to organize the Spanish Championship and with this possibility the Championship would logically go to November 6 in the area, but for the avoidance of doubt the option of Elche is not considered. Those who do not wish to participate will have their registration returned.

2º In the event that it was not possible to hold this championship there, the 2011 edition of Long Distance would have to be suspended, since we understand that the regulatory conditions, preparation and optimal participation conditions or similar to those would not be met. that initially the Championship was launched.

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