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FETRI Statement on Jose María Merchán

The 19 of August of 2015 was published in the newspaper El País an article entitled "A manager with a past doping"Referred to some alleged facts that -in relation to doping- allegedly affect a member of the FETRI Delegated Commission (Mr. José María Merchán).

Shortly after we published the Press release of the affected, to know their point of view, well today the FETRI, has sent us its official statement on this matter.


The AEPSAD is the competent state authority to carry out any action in the fight against doping, including the prosecution of possible behaviors committed by persons linked to the Spanish sports federations. Therefore, the FETRI at this time is not competent to take disciplinary action in relation to possible infractions of the doping rules. In any case, beyond the facts themselves reported in the newspaper article, for the simple moment they occurred (more than a decade ago), any eventual sports offense would be understood as already prescribed.

The authenticity of the facts reported in the journalistic article has been verified, at least as regards the fact that the information made public in said communication medium corresponds to what appears in the criminal procedure proceedings derived from the so-called "Operation Jimbo" against doping.

The FETRI has always been firmly positioned in the fight against doping, rejecting and rejecting any conduct or relationship with doping practices of any person linked to triathlon. In this case, the affected person holds the status of member of the FETRI Delegated Commission, a position that results from an election process within the General Assembly and that, therefore, is not a designation or removal by part of the Presidency.

In the FETRI Board of Directors, in session to be held next September 11, analyze the situation and, where appropriate, adopt the agreements or decisions that are deemed appropriate in relation to the particular, after which it would be issued the corresponding statement for general knowledge.

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