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We interviewed Conrado Ahlgrimm, commercial director for Spain and Portugal of COMPEX

"This 2016, we are celebrating 30 years and we will celebrate it in style"

"For my COMPEX is Innovation, perseverance and results", "This 2016 will surprise you again! We are preparing a new launch but at the moment I can not reveal anything ",

With 15 years of professional experience in the world of sports, especially in the Fitness channel working for brands such as Precor and Icon Health & Fitness (Brazil) Technogym (Spain) in the 2004. COMPEX as a user, and in the 2010 he was already part of the big family.

Passionate about sports Conrado Ahlgrimm he defines himself as an organized, determined and flexible person "I have a great ability to adapt to new situations to face increasingly interesting challenges"

What if we ask you "what is COMPEX for you?" Innovation, perseverance and results.

In addition to representing a globally recognized firm What are your main hobbies? Do you practice any sport?

In this section I could write a book, but any activity related to water sports, surfing I love, spearfishing and of course sports like soccer, running and now I start Crossfit Why not try all the sports that are within my reach!

And professionally, what are your main functions within the DJO Global company? My role is to ensure constant development within our market, marking the general lines to follow and logically ensuring the results set by the orga


Luckily I have a very specialized and professional team, essential to achieve the results we are achieving.

What are the most general strategic lines and objectives for the Compex division in our country?

As in any large company, our goal is to increase sales and for this we bet on the constant innovation of our technology, unique and exclusive in the market. We are consolidated within an increasingly competitive segment and will strive to remain leaders in electro-stimulation. The key to success is in the daily work and have a well-defined long-term plan, working all areas of Spain and developing Portugal, a market with potential to develop in 2016.

Now we are living a BOOM in the world of electrostimulation with the new vests that work the body in an integral way and many doubts arise to the user. Tell us, what is the difference with COMPEX? Would you recommend it?

It is true that the vests are living a BOOM, but it is about another concept and technology. It would not be correct to compare it with COMPEX.

I prefer not to go into technical details but our technology is unique, we bet on working and recovering muscle groups in an individualized and controlled way. It must be remembered that COMPEX has results from all clinical studies, verifying the effectiveness of our method and technology. This 2016 will fulfill 30 years in the market.

From a commercial analysis How is the Compex brand evolving in the Spanish market? Is it expected to follow the upward trend marked during this year the next 2016?

Compex has always had very good acceptance and demand in our market and also at European level. The evolution of Compex these last 4 years has been really surprising with unusual growth in the sports sector. As I mentioned before, innovation is key to maintaining double-digit growth year after year and logically a clear trend that we want to maintain in 2016.

What sales data and behavior of the Spanish consumer can you give us regarding other brands?

The offer of "electronic gadgets" has revolutionized the market in recent years. Now the offer is incredibly wide, going from GoPro cameras, sports watches to activity wristbands, setting a clear trend.

The average athlete wants to improve and looks for any tool that allows him to take that "leap" to the next level:

"Compex is that tool that helps you take this leap to the next level"

As you well say shortly 30 years of brand creation will be fulfilled What new developments await us in the 2016 for the Compex universe?

Surprise, Surprise (smiles)

At the moment we can not reveal anything, but I assure you that we will surprise you again. It is a very special date for COMPEX and we will celebrate it in style.

If I had to make a gift, or even give myself a COMPEX! What would you recommend me? Why?

Without a doubt the COMPEX SP 8.0.

I do not say it because it is the highest range model, its wireless technology is incredible, its MI functions make using the Compex really easy, intuitive and also comes with all the accessories so you can use it even with two people at a time . It is your perfect companion to train and recover.

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