The Triathlon World Cup returns to Valencia in September

La Marina de València, unique setting for the presentation of València WC 2022

La Valencia Triathlon World Cup It was presented today in the surroundings of the Marina de València, the nerve center of the competition.

people's test, Mediterranean Triathlon Valencia, within which the international competition is framed, registration opens today at 17.00:XNUMX p.m., seeking to once again become the popular benchmark for triathlon in the province.

The call has been directed by the sports journalist Esther Collado, a reference in local and national women's sports, the undisputed female voice of sports radio broadcasts.

The call has become a forum for dialogue in which the protagonists: Vincent Marza, Minister of Education, Culture and Sports; Pilar Barnabas, Councilor for Sports of the Valencia City Council; Andres Campos, Sports Deputy; Juan Miguel Gomez, Director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation; Jose Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation; and vanessa huesa, President of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community have established a conversation around the role of triathlon in the city of Valencia, the impact of sport, its rise and growth from school ages, the economic and social impact of a test of an international nature, the female presence in our sport, and the indisputable and necessary support of the institutions.

The Triathlon World Cup returns to Valencia in September ,img_6228ca2ce7cf8
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In this sense, the Minister Vincent Marza He emphasized the importance of sport not only for the city of Valencia, but for the Community as a whole. “The sport of triathlon is an example of how to work. A sport that has grown.

Every day more boys and girls practice it. A sport that is surrounded by people who make it possible: athletes, federations, institutions... That is part of that strategic and sporting movement that is the Comunitat de l'Esport”.

From the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, its Director Juan Miguel Gomez reinforced the importance of this work around the 'Comunitat de l'Esport' axis, highlighting this “fantastic challenge” that they lead together with the GVA.

"A challenge with 2 levels: the area dedicated to young people, children, schools with programs such as Esport a l'Escola and Esport a l'Escola +1; and that of elite sports with triathlon figures such as Roberto Sánchez Mantecón or the coaches Roberto Cejuela or Jordi Jordà. A solid project, with the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community.  

In this sense, hopefully the popular test participants value the privilege they have of being in this elite environment”.

The Marina de València is already an international triathlon benchmark. “The triathlon stadium for the city”, in the words of the Councilor for Sports, Pilar Bernabé, who highlighted “the economic impact of sports in cities as something irrefutable, especially in popular sports. Sports leave a social impact and indisputable legacy.

We want citizens to see one more example of this offer from the city. That is why Valencia is already a benchmark within that postcard that the triathlon leaves us. In this edition of the Triathlon World Cup we seek to recover that audience from previous editions".

Andres Campos highlighted the ability to manage safe sport from the province, and the indisputable economic and social impact of sport, with exceptional figures in our network such as the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

Jose Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, “Coinciding that the photo is exceptional, as is the relationship with the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community, highlighting that this model only exists here, it does not exist in any other territory. Just as there is no such relationship with the institutions".

In tough times, the city has positioned itself as an international forum and benchmark, through triathlon. There is no more iconic space like Valencia. Valencia has given a lot to triathlon.

In this week in which there is so much talk about triathlon, we are lucky to have female leaders, referents of our sport such as vanessa huesa, and with a council, such as the one chaired by Pilar Barnabas, who today leads the Cities of Sport Forum, bringing together different presidents of Spanish federations of different sports.

Regarding continuing to bet on this leading role of Valencia as the venue for the international triathlon, and continuing in this escalation of elite events in the city, both Pilar Bernabé and José Hidalgo showed the positive and natural path that is being followed to be able to speak in a few years of a World Triathlon Series in the city.

"Valencia has been building a project with a national event, European Cup, World Cup, European... Let's think about creating the best World Cup in 2022 and recovering the popular triathlon this year, and the World Series will come naturally to the city”, Jose Hidalgo.

The President of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community, Vanessa Huesa, thanked the institutions present for their role, all of them involved with the celebration of the Triathlon World Cup, and with our popular sport.

He highlighted the increase in school licenses, as well as the increasing participation of women in federated competitions. She stressed from her position as one of the 3 presidents of regional triathlon federations in our country, the need to continue working for equality in our sport from the administrations, betting on referents who later move to popular sport.

Regarding the popular competition, today all the circuit venues have open registrations, MTRI Alicante and MTRI Castellón already have 600 participants in each of the cities.

The 2022 MTRI circuit hopes to reach pre-pandemic numbers. In this sense, 2019 was the last time that the competition was held under the Mediterranean Triathlon umbrella.

The Organization sets the goal of 4.500 registered in the 3 venues. Today at 17.00:XNUMX p.m. MTRI València opens registration.

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