Are the WTS in Abu Dhabi at risk?

Those affected by the coronavirus are isolated in the area where the competition will be held

Next week the Triathlon World Series in the United Arab Emirates, it will be as usual in the city of Abu Dhabi

Yesterday, we learned about the suspension of the cycling tour UAE Tour, due to the contagion of two Italian cyclists in the squad by the coronavirus.

The organization decided to suspend the competition in the absence of 2 stages for its conclusion to avoid further contagion.

Those affected are isolated in Abu Dhabi hotels

Both the cyclists, the teams and the journalists who were covering the test yesterday received a note prohibiting them from leaving the hotels.

Specifically they were staying in the Yas Marina Hotel, located next to the speed circuit, and the Hotel Crown also in Abu Dhabi

According to the authorities, all the people staying in the hotels must pass several sanitary controls to rule out infections and if necessary establish an isolation protocol.

The WTS circuit is located where hotels

The World Series circuit is located at the same point where cyclists are isolated, next to the speed circuit where the competition is held

Are the WTS in Abu Dhabi in danger? ,image002-15
WTS Abu Dhabi 2020 Circuit

Only one week to the competition

The world series will be played on 6 and 7 March in Abu Dhabi and there is still no communication from the ITU about what happened.

We will have to wait to see the result of the analysis to see if there are more infections and based on that, the Abu Dhabi authorities will make a decision.

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