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Cristóbal Dios tells us about the first edition of the Bioracer Janda y Sierra Triathlon

"The town was totally overturned with the test and it is something that you only see in the northern area."

The Galician triathlete Christopher God He is having a great season on the national calendar, and recently won the first edition of the Bioracer Janda y Sierra Triathlon, disputed in the province of Cádiz and organized by BYON Sport .

Cristóbal who has been dragging an injury for months, is leader of the Spanish Cup of MD and LD and authoritatively won the San José test.

This is why we wanted do an interview to see first hand your impressions about the test and how he will face the remainder of the season.

After the Mequinenza test and now with the victory in Janda, it seems that you are already in full swing again.

It was the first edition of the competition. What can you tell us about the San Jose event? What has caught your attention the most?

It is a test that surprised me for good, since in the first edition of a competition there is always something to improve, but really this time I have nothing bad to say.

The truth is that everything very well organized, the refreshment stations, which is something necessary and important in the test they were very good.

I really liked some small details like the one that made a good barbecue after the race, a great end of party, that few organizations do and the truth that for the triathlete is very good and it is recommended that they continue doing it.

On the topic of truth circuits that very well, swimming in a very beautiful environment bike was hard, at the beginning quite flat, where you could work well the speed, but after a quite important climb with a technical descent, in the end you had a lot of everything along the route.

Regarding the foot race, the circuit of the previous foot race had to be modified, but in the end a Nice career

What caught my attention the most is kindness the commitment of the organizer as of all the people, the truth that estuvo totally overturned with the test and it's something that you only see it in the northern area. Seeing this in the South leaves you Very good taste.

For people who plan to participate next year, what advice would you give them to face them with guarantees? Any point to control in the race?

For people to debut next year in this test, my advice is that Above all, prepare the cycling part well.

Swimming is done in a swamp, where the water is still, so it is not necessary to give it much importance, but what is the bike does take importance within this triathlon.

You have areas to go fast, but towards the end there is a important climb where do you have to be patient and not having spent much on the beginning part.

In addition, the lowering of the last port of about 6-7 km since it is very technical, you have to have a head in it, since if we risk we have a lot to lose.

The bicycle part is super important in this triathlon and I recommend that you work well if you want to debut in this test

Why did you choose the Byon Sport test to compete?

The truth is that last year was when I met the organizing company, in fact there was a last minute change, since I was going to run the Guadiana triathlon last year, but I was selected to run the European championship that was held in Ibiza and As it coincided in dates, I was finally unable to attend.

I was very sorry and I wanted to go, and at the beginning of the year I spoke with the organization, which gave me all the facilities to run and the truth that I am very happy to have been here in a triathlon that is highly recommended for everyone.

Christopher God
Facebook / Christopher God

You also plan to go to the Guadiana Triathlon organized by Byon. Do you know the area Will you compete in MD or LD What are your expectations for this test?

If I plan to participate in the test, since I could not attend last year I was looking forward.

The truth is that I really want to run the long distance, in fact, sIt will be my debut in the distance. To be my first LD can be very good.

Now I have to recover from my foot, now I have 12 weeks of recovery. But I will be saying what the physios tell me.

I will continue doing elliptical, in fact, I have been working with it for 2 months and I have had very good results. With this type of training you can do very good sessions and I know that having bone edema I have to be patient to start running and be in Guadiana.

Christopher God in competition
Christopher God in competition

Before the injury you were doing a great season and with the victory in Janda it seems that you are already full again, how do you plan the rest of the season What are your goals? Will you continue betting on the Spanish Cup?

Yes, I was having a very good year, I won the triathlon of Guadalajara, one of the mythical of our triathlon, later I was third in the Spanish Cup in Seville, second in the Azores triathlon and then I ran in La Rioja where I had to retire due to injury.

From there I continued with the established plan maintaining the swimming and bicycle training. Forgetting the race on foot and working on the elliptical.

With this I did not lose much shape and with a cold head and patience, it helped me to do a good test in Mequineza and to put myself as the leader of the Spanish Cup and to win the San José event, it is to be happy.

La Spanish Cup was my goal of the season, where I am currently a leader and there is only one test left.

I have the podium in hand, in Ibiza I will have to see what position I am in as I depend on myself in the race

Are you considering trying an IRONMAN 70.3?

Now the main thing is to get my foot back, give importance to the injury, I don't think I have time this year since I have the season with him Full of Guadiana and then the Spanish Championship in Ibiza.

My swimming is not yet competitive to participate in this type of tests. When coming from cycling I always remain at a disadvantage over the former.

The swimmers are going to take a huge advantage and they always make a group by bike and it is very difficult to ride great triathletes by bike.

Until I have a good point in swimming it will be very difficult, I do not rule out next year trying a 70.3 or a complete IRONMAN, but we will see it with my coach as things go.

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