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Raúl García de Mateos and Helena Herrero Champions of Spain of Duathlon MD in Orihuela

 The rain has marked the day in the city of Orihuela.

Today has been played in the Alicante town of Orihuela Spanish Duathlon MD Championship in the Duathlon Winds of the People, organized by A300W and which is part of the No Drafting Series 2018 circuit.

The test that consisted of completing 16 km of running followed by 66 km of cycling and 8 km of running began at 9:00 with the men's elite start.

Helena Herrero, of the Royal Canoe Triathlon, and Raúl García de Mateos, they got the titles of Champions of Spain Duathlon Media Distance in the 90.0 Duathlon Village Winds celebrated in Orihuela. Day without noticeable wind but in which the rain was noticed from the cycling segment and until the end of the competition, the second national championship of the Spanish Triathlon Federation in 2018. The natural areas of the race on foot and cycling, and the historic center of Orihuela as a stage of the race on foot allowed the athletes to enjoy a tough test but every year nobody wants to lose.

Raúl García de Mateos, who recognized in goal to have been "on the verge of processing enrollment in Age Groups", took the race in the cycling segment, its strong coming from the world of cycling, and kept the income in the Second race on foot against the thrust of Dani Bayón, from the Civil Academy Santa Olaya Swimming Club, who rallied from the fifth position of the passage through the second transition to the second box of the podium. The third place went to Ander Okamika, of the ANB Triathlon Team Portugaletekoa. Two and a half minutes separated Bayón from victory, and seventeen seconds from bronze, Okamika, from second place. The first five positions were completed by Ibai Alba, from CT Laboratorios Sys, and Joan Bautista Nadal, from the Llucmajor NPP, which was proclaimed champion of the Duathlon MD and LD Cup that closed in Orihuela after the Numancia competitions in Soria and Powerman At mallorca.

Helena Herrero also took the test in the bicycle segment, after tracing Claudia Montagut, CEA Bétera, second at the end, and Leonor Font, CMG Ferrer Hotels, third. Fourth was Sonia Juliá, from CERR Igualada, who won the Iberdrola Trophy for the best partial bicycle, and Alba Reguillo, from Saltoki Trikideak, protagonist in the first segment on foot and who started the cycling circuit in first position. Claudia Montagut and Leonor Font overtook her on a bicycle but were later overtaken by a Helena Herrero who flew to Orihuela back and managed to maintain her advantage in the last segment. María Remedios Carrasco, of Absolut Sport, sixth in the overall elite, won the title of champion of the Cup, and will also take the economic prize to have participated in the three tests of it.

For Helena Herrero, "the level was very high in the race and I had no references from anyone because I'm not doing much duathlon. In the first race on foot at the end when I saw that the pace was very strong I went with my strategy, I had a couple of designed areas where I could go on the bike and when I got it I pushed it all the way to the finish line ". For his part, the winner and champion of Spain assured that the race was "as expected, very hard, and incredible in terms of the result. I had never done this distance, I am more cyclist, I came to try and the last race was long but I had an advantage and I was able to regulate. I decided to do big-time madness, aim for the elite and it was fantastic ".

Ander Irigoien, of the ANB Triathlon Team Portugaletekoa, was proclaimed Spanish champion of Duathlon Media Distancia Sub-23; and by clubs the triumphs and national titles were for the Clavería Móstoles Triathlon in the women's category, and the ANB Triathlon Team Portugaletekoa. Kini Carrasco (AD Triathlon Ecosport Alcobendas) in PTS3; Francisco San Martín, in PTS5; José Iborra (Tridimonis), in PTS5; and Daniel Llambrich (Fasttriatlon-CN Montjuic), in PTSVI, together with his guide Marc Marín (CE Rayoteam) achieved the titles in paratriathlon. In Orihuela the champions and champions of the different Age Groups were also proclaimed; and Francisco Corroto, of the Pina-Fundación Azierta TriToledo Bicycles as champion of groups and professional associations.

Emilio Bascuñana, Mayor of Orihuela, together with Víctor Valverde, Councilor for Sports; Diego Calvo, President of the Federation of Triathlon of the Region of Murcia and representative of FETRI in the test; José Morales, representing the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community; and Ximo Rubert, organizer with A300W, were in charge of delivering prizes and medals. Calvo also presented Bascuñana with a recognition from the FETRI to the City of Orihuela for its commitment to the sport and especially the Duathlon and Triathlon, the latter modality which will host the Triathlon Miguel Hernández next April, also with the organization of A300W and scoring for the Spanish Cup of Medium and Long Distance Triathlon.

The classifications of the Spanish Duathlon Middle Distance Championship Orihuela 2018 are available here: http://bit.ly/2FIpkUy

More information: http://www.nodraftingseries.com/

Photo: FETRI

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