Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles win “The Championship 2017” Challenge. Judith Corachán ninth

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Alistair Brownlee who was leading the race sank into the career sector where he finally left. Lucy Charles takes the victory after winning the Ironman Lanzarote two weeks ago. The Spanish Judith Corachán has achieved a fantastic ninth final place

Today the World Challenge Championship was held in the Slovak city of Samorin, where some of the best triathletes in the world have taken the start. Alistair Bronwlee, the Ironman World Champion, Sebastian Kienle, one of the men fastest on the bike Lionel Sanders, Michael Raelert, or ITU triathletes like Richard Murray or Richard Varga.

The test began at 9:00 AM with the 1,9 km of swim where the ITU triathlete Richard Varga was the fastest completing the distance in 21:31 followed by the double Olympic and ITU World Champion Alistair Brownlee about 1 minute behind. Michael Raelert, Richard Murray, the Spaniard Jordi García and Andreas Dreitz among others left in a group about 1 minute and a half compared to the leader of the test.

During the 90 km of cycling, the British imposed a strong pace in the first part of the circuit to become a leader, later Michael Raelert reached him forming a group in the lead. Finally the Briton arrived in first position to the T2 and reach an advantage of 41 seconds over Sebastian Kienle and 44 over Lionel Sanders

Kienle and Sanders staged a thrilling duel in the 21 km on foot, reaching the Briton in the first kilometers, who sank in the race segment on foot to retire in the final part of the race, and leaving together to fight for the victory.

Lionel Sanders winning the Championship

Finally the athlete sponsored by Skechers, Lionel Sanders He gradually increased the distance from Kienle to reach the finish line alone and win "The Championship" 2017 with a final time of 3:40:04 followed by Sebastian Kienle (3: 41: 46) and for Michael Raelert (3: 45: 34) occupying the third final position.

Male classification

  1. Lionel Sanders - 3: 40: 03.7
  2. Sebastian Kienle - 3: 41: 46
  3. Michael Raelert - 3: 45: 34
  4. A.Dreitz
  5. -R.Murray

In the women Lucy Charles She was the fastest completing the 1,9km swim in 23:25 followed by Annabel Luxford at 25 seconds and Ellie Salthouse at 1:30. Judith Corachán started in seventh position at 2:30 from the head of the race

In the 90 km of cycling, Annabel Luxford went back over the British time to take the lead and increase her advantage to one minute in the km 45 over Kimberley Morrison and 2: 15 over Lucy Charles. In the final part of the segment a great comeback by Morrison made her reach the head of the race to reach the T2 with 53 seconds ahead of Luxford.

In the 21 km of running race a spectacular Heather Wurtele was climbing positions to reach the lead of the race. But in the final kilometers paid the effort and a spectacular Lucy Charles , athlete Skechers, was climbing little by little to reach the head of the race with 1 km remaining for the final, to achieve the victory only 2 weeks after winning the Ironman of Lanzarote in 4: 13: 59 followed by Annabel Luxford to 34 seconds and by Heather Wurtele to 1: 37 occupying the third final position. A great Judith Corachán has achieved the ninth final place.

 Lucy Charles winning the Championship

Female classification


1 Lucy Charles
2 Annabel Luxford
3 Heather Wurtele
4 Rachel Klamer
5 Ellie Salthouse
6 Kimberley Morrison
7 Anja Beranek
8 Corina Hengartner
9 Judith Corachán
10 Radka Vodickova


Photo: @talbotcox / Challenge_Famil

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