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20-11-15 Four years of the first sub8 of a Spanish in Ironman Arizona #IMArizona

Eneko Llanos got a 7 time: 59: 42

20 November 2015 4 are now 8 years of the first time a Spaniard descended from XNUMXh in an IRONMAN test, the feat was starring her Eneko Llanos in the Ironman's Arizona with a time of 7: 59: 42. In the Basque triathlete he finished swimming in 48: 47, in the T1 he used 2: 42, in the 180km of cycling 4: 20: 55, in the T1 1: 08 and in the marathon 2: 46: 09.

Later in 2013 Eneko would go back down from 8 hours this time in the Frankfurt with a time of 7: 59: 58. That same year in Florida Victor del Corral I also downloaded 8h with 7: 53: 12. In 20914 in the Ironman of Austria Ivan Raña would be the first Spanish sub 7: 50, getting a time of 7: 48: 43 what is the third best world record in an Ironman.

Here is the chronicle of Eneko's career in Arizona at 2011:

Note: It is always important to remember that the distances in Ironman are homologated

Juan Jose Martí Navío @jjnavio


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