You can run before phase 0 of the de-escalation

The conditions for individual sports or family walks have not yet been established.

According to RTVE, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented this Tuesday the de-escalation plan after the health crisis due to the coronavirus, which will consist of 4 phases.

From the government it is expected that it can end at the end of June, so that the country can enter the new normal.

Individual sports and walks will be allowed this weekend

Our conditions for individual sport or family walks have not yet been established and will be made public in the coming days, although the Prime Minister has specified that it will be allowed this weekend if all goes well

Extract from Pedro Sanchez's statement allowing sports
Extract from Pedro Sanchez's statement allowing sports

Phase 0 on May 4

As he explained at a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers that approved the plan, the first phase, the Phase 0 will begin generally on May 4.

Although the Canary Islands of La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Gomera and the Balearic Formentera will go ahead because that day they will enter directly into the next stage.

Apart from common relief measures such as the departure of children, individual sports and family walks that live in the same home (from the weekend), "small loopholes" of economic activity will be opened.

Our conditions for individual sports or family walks have not yet been established and they will be made public in the coming days, although Pedro Sánchez confirmed the possibility of establishing time slots.

El professional sport it will be allowed in this phase including the individual training of federated athletes and professional leagues.

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Phase 1 on May 11

At this stage, the entire country is scheduled to be on May 11.

The territorial unit will be the province for a transition to the new normality that will be reviewed every 15 days to check how each of them is progressing in epidemiological terms.

"Phase 1" or "initial" will continue with other small business activities, with the exception of large shopping centers. They will open the terraces of restaurants with a capacity limited to one third and also hotels and tourist accommodation excluding common areas.

The “Phase 2” or “intermediate”

This phase contemplates the opening of the interior premises of restaurants with a third of the capacity and separation measures and only table service.

The interior space of the premises will be opened with a third of the capacity, as long as there are "guarantees of separation and only for table service"

Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and other similar spaces will reopen with "preassigned seats" and seating is limited to one third of the usual. You can also visit monuments and exhibition halls, with the same capacity restriction.

In addition, cultural shows such as concerts can be held in closed spaces with a third of the usual capacity. If they are outdoors, up to 400 people will be allowed to congregate as long as they are seated.

In “Phase 3”, “advanced”

Commerce will be opened in a general way with 50% of the capacity and a minimum distance of two meters and the restrictions in restaurants and premises will be “softened”.

Regarding trade, the capacity will be limited to 50%, with the requirement that there be a minimum distance of two meters between people.

It is in this third and final phase of the transition to the new normality that Sánchez has placed the "opening of the beaches".

Within 6-8 weeks, “The new normal”

The end of this transition will be the "new normal" that the Government hopes to achieve within 6 to 8 weeks.

As explained by the president, it will mean "the total opening of economic activity, but with conditions of social distancing and protection different from those we had before the state of alarm."

We will remain that way, the president explained, until there is a therapeutic treatment for the coronavirus or the vaccine.

In addition, to the relief measures already in place until then, there will be other "loopholes", with the opening of premises by appointment and individualized attention, the opening of take-away food restaurants and movements will be allowed "within those localities where the low presence of the virus and preparation for a regrowth allows it ”, explained the president.

As Sáchez has said at this point, "the school year will begin in September." Hunting and sport fishing activity will resume and cinemas, theaters, auditoriums with a third of the capacity will open.

Without leaving the province

The province will be the territorial unit of the transition towards the "new normality", unless Health decides that other smaller territories can be considered as such. Sánchez has given the Vall d'Aran as an example this Tuesday.

As explained by the president, from Phase 1 citizens will be able to move within the province in which they reside, even to go to their second homes if they are located within it.

What cannot be done until after Phase 3 is finished, that is, already in the "new normal", is to move from one province to another.

"We cannot allow mobility between a province in Phase 1 and a neighboring one in Phase 3 with greater mobility," said Sánchez, who specified that this will not be the case even to stay in hotels that are opened by provinces that are in the corresponding phases. .

The inhabitants of one province will not be able to stay in another until the new normality is reached.

You will not be able to visit a family member until phase 3

Until then, the president has also specified what will be the guideline for social behavior such as visiting family or friends at home.

This will not be possible until Phase 3 ends and the new normal begins. Before we will have to see each other, for example, in the hospitality establishments that are opening their premises.

"It will be possible to make intraprovincial movements, but not to the house of your friend or a relative", although it is contemplated "that you can go have a beer or a vermouth on a terrace" with them.

Health will evaluate every 15 days

The president insisted on Tuesday that the central government will direct the transition process, although it will do so in collaboration with the autonomous communities.

The president has indicated that each phase will have a "minimum duration of two weeks" and will be subject to "homogeneous criteria throughout the country."

Although in collaboration with the communities, Sánchez has stressed that it will be the Ministry of Health that every 15 days evaluates the evolution of the different territories to determine which "can go to the next phase or stay" in the previous one.

State of alarm

To carry out this whole process, the Government plans to maintain a state of alarm throughout the process, with a degree of movement and activity that will be modified by ministerial orders from Health as the different territories go through the phase.

To start, Sánchez has confirmed that he will ask Congress for a fourth extension, which will last until May 24, and he has announced that there will be other successive requests to continue expanding it from 15 to 15 days until we reach the new normal.

"We are going to go step by step, we have a minimum horizon of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8, we are going to go every fortnight to see the evolution of the epidemic and we will raise them", said Sánchez who, one more day, stressed that The state of alarm and confinement have made it possible to bend the coronavirus curve.


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