Curiosities, anecdotes and wishes of the Ironman Hawaii 2018

Next, we show you some curiosities, anecdotes and wishes about the Ironman Hawaii 2018

- The World Cup edition Hawaii Ironman 2018 was the number 42 and the 40 anniversary. This is because in 1982 there were two competitions one in February and another in October.

- Javier Gómez Noya The best triathlete in Olympic distance history made his debut in "Mecca" of triathlon.

His time in goal was 8: 11: 41, the best time ever done in Kona by a Spanish triathlete. By positions, Eneko Llanos 5º at 2006 is still the best Spanish debutant in Hawaii

Javier Gómez Noya

- Ivan Frog He completed his sixth consecutive IM Hawaii. The only Spanish triathlete who has achieved it.

Ivan Raña

- Gurutze Friars managed to be finisher for the third time in a row. The only Spanish PRO to achieve this with the KPR system.

In Kona Guru It proved to be a benchmark for all Spanish triathletes who struggle to be in Hawaii and compete with the best. In the T1 had lost the bag, then suffered a blue card in cycling and had to stop 5 'in the penalty box. Despite all this, he continued to compete until the end and achieved a meritorious 24 position.
Gurutze Frades

- The edad medium of the hombres PROs finishers in Kona was from 34 years. There were only 3 under thirty, with Mike Phillips the youngest with 27.

On the other hand there were three with 40 or more years, being Cameron Brown with 46 the most veteran of all.

- In of la edad medium it was 35,2 years. Lucy Charles at the age of 25 she was the youngest. In addition to her there were 2 more triathletes under 30 years old.

There were 5 senior triathletes of 40 years Corinne Abraham, Katja Konschak, Mareen Hufe, Rachel McBride and Tine Deckers, all born in 1978.

- Cameron Brown, impressive with 46 years was 25º. A reference and example for all. We are sure that the rest of Kona PROs triathletes, both men and women want to be like the New Zealander.

His time at goal 8: 25: 30 at his 46 years is a mark up to the records of Ryf and Lange.

- There were three PROS moms finishers: the Australian Mirinda Carfrae y Liz Blatchford and US Beth McKeinze

- Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote was very present in the test. As we had mentioned in previous articles, the age groups that shine in Lanzarote... they also do it in Kona.

The best Spanish in goal was Xavier Torrades with 9: 04: 52. As regards positions in their age groups there have been three top10. Julen Díez 3º in 18-24, Josep Marín 9º in 65-69 and Josu Allica 10º in 45-49. The four managed their slots in Lanzarote.

In addition to the IM 70.3 World Cup, the Santa la Club was represented on the women's podium with two triathletes, the Lucy Charles silver medal and bronze medal Anne Haug, both ambassadors of the Club la Santa.

Podium Women IM Hawaii 2018

The Ironman of Hawaii will be remembered for being the first time that there was no wind, which caused that many records could be broken:

-Patrik Lange was the first man to lose 8hs in Kona with a 7 time: 52: 39.

-The manager of Lange, Jan Sibberser achieved swim record with 46: 30, competing in the 40-44 age group. Battled by 11 seconds the mark of Lars Jorgensen of 20 years ago.

-Cameron throw established a new record of the cyclist segment with 4: 09: 06 beating 4: 12: 54 time it did last year.

- Daniela Ryf I spray the best brand in Kona with 8: 26: 18 lowering 20 2016 record in 8 minutes: 46: 46.

- Lucy Charles set a new record in swimming with 48: 14, beating the time of 48: 43 of Jodi Jackson in 1991.

- Ryf established a new cyclist record with 4: 26: 07, surpassing that of Karin Thuering of 4: 44: 19 of 2001

- The Japanese Hiromu Inada He was the oldest triathlete with 85 years and 11 months. Inada is also the oldest triathlete to complete an Ironman of all history.

- There were two former professional cyclists running in age groups. The French Laurent Jalabert, winner of the Vuelta Ciclista a España in 1995, was 5º in the 50-54.

On the other hand the Kazakh Alexander Vinokourov Olympic road bottom champion in 2012 (after serving a doping penalty) was 7º in 45-49.

- Gordon Haller, winner of the Hawaii Ironman in the first edition of 1978 competed again 40 years later but could not finish the test.

- The Bolivian Daniela Noya was the first triathlete of the Andean country to be finisher of the Ironman of Hawaii

Daniela Romero

In Spanish age groups there were several anecdotes and data to emphasize:

- Josep Marín competed with his son Marc Marín. We do not know an equal case in the Spanish triathlon, where father and son have run together in Kona.

Josep and Marc Marín Marc and Josep Marín

- There was two Spanish triathletes in GGEE that before They had been Olympians in other sports.

The walker Josep Marin, Spanish athlete who managed to be50km world record march, in addition to winning world silver, European and several diplomas olympics. And the canoeist Damian Vindel, diploma Olympic at the Olympic Games in Athens in K2 500 meters.

- Julen Diez (24 years) was the youngest Spanish triathlete in Kona and Josep Marín (68) the oldest.

Both were also the best Spaniards among the age groups, Julen 3º and Josep 9º in their respective categories.

Julen Díez

- Juana Criado, with 55 years became the most veteran Spanish triathlete to be finisher in Kona.

- Jaime Menédez de Luarca He became the only Spanish triathlete to be six times finisher in Hawaii in age groups.

Jaime Menéndez de Luarca

- Damian Vindel He entered the finish line with a flag with all the names of all the people and brands that had helped him finance and collaborate in his trip to Kona.

Damian Vindel

- For the third time (IM 70.3 and IM 2017 IM World and 2018 IM) Fernando Barahona He was in charge of "making pineapple" within the Spanish age group, unifying all the triathletes for the parade of nations.

Fernando also completed his third Kona followed and in 2019 intends to repeat again to be the first triathlete four times finisher in age groups.

Fernando Barahona

Finally we want to close our article with a series of wishes for 2019:

- That all the PROs Spaniards who aim to qualify for Kona achieve it.

- I hope one of them is Eneko Llanos

- Among women ... we want to see Guru Friars in Kona for the fourth time and with one or two more Spaniards

- That Ivan Alvarez y Leonor Font can return to Kona, since this year Ivan could not finish and Leonor could not even take the exit because of illness.

- That Fernando Garcia Aja Consider going back to Hawaii. Fernando was the first Spanish world champion in 2010 in 45-49. He has another podium, a second place in 40-44. He is the only Spanish triathlete with two podiums in two participations.


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