Curiosities and anecdotes of the Triathlon in 2016

The 2016 year is about to end and today we want to review several curiosities and anecdotes that have occurred during this season.



Ivan Raña he ran barefoot the 10k of the European Cup of Madrid

Ivan Rana running barefoot Europe Cup Madrid

Jan Frodeno had an incident with his helmet on the Ironman of Lanzarote where the time lost possibly it prevented him from winning the test.

Jan Frodeno to the Miguel Induráin in the Ironman Lanzarote? Jesse Thomas It was the great surprise of the XXV edition of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, taking the victory in front of the very Jan Frodeno, which to date was unbeaten in Ironman distance, but ... how was the moment when Jesse was able to take the lead?

One of the participating age groups saw that moment and told us that it gave the feeling that Frodeno did not want to win, he slowed down in the last kilometers of the marathon, and when Jesse passed him, he patted him, encouraged him ... and the German slowed down a bit more. It seemed like a detail “a la Miguel Indurain” when the great Navarrese champion sometimes let other cyclists win.

Ironman records of Frodeno and Ryf. The German achieved the best brand in history in an ironman distance triathlon, stopping the clock in the Roth Challenge with a time of 7: 35: 39, while the Swiss got the third best 8 mark in Roth: 22: 04, but his great feat was win 7 day after the IM of Zurich, also coming down from the 9 hours.

Jan Frodeno record Ironman in Challenge Roth

Spain achieves 2 ITU Podium seats in 4 consecutive years. Thanks to the gold of Mario Mola and the bronze of Fernando Alarza in the triathlon world championship Spain becomes the only country that gets 2 podium places in 4 consecutive years.

Uxío Abuín achieved 3 ITU victories in three consecutive weeks, something that no Spanish triathlete had ever achieved: world cup in Tongyeong, world Cup Miyazaki in and African Cup of Agadir

Camila Alonso, Melina Alonso and Zuriñe Rodríguez they achieved a triplet in the African Cup of Agadir, the only Spanish triathlon in ITU tests in 2016.

The South African Henri Schoeman It was the great surprise of 2016, it did not appear in any of the "pools" but the bronze at the Olympic Games and won the great end of the WTS.

Helen Jenkins broke the unbeatenness of Gwen Jorgensen in the Gold Coast WTS. After 12 consecutive victories of the American in WTS, the British broke that streak beating the double world champion.

Flora Duffy Jorgensen won the World Cup. The triathlete from Bermuda did a great season, winning three world titles: the ITU triathlon, the X Terra and the Triathlon Cross.

Flora Duffy winning in the grand final of Cozumel

In the Club La Santa Ironman 70.3 of Lanzarote Malte Schlömer had a strong fall due to the break of the fork of your bike to 27km of the T2 ... later it was marked a "Froome" to the Tour de France, and without thinking twice started running to Club la Santa, 27km that ran with the cycling shoes, once in the T2, he put on the running to face the half marathon and be able to be finisher ... Impressive!

Curiosities of the Ironman World Championship:

Daniela Ryf pulverized the best female brand in Kona with a time of 8: 46: 46

Germany he achieved the first european triplet in Hawaii thanks to Frodeno, Kienle and Lange

Patrick Lange got to be the first triathlete to lose 2: 40 in the marathon, leaving the new record in 2: 39: 45


The year 2016 has left us a lot of anecdotes. What is yours?


Photos: ironman / ITU

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