The La Cursa de la Mercé model, a possible example of what popular races will be like

It will be the first popular race that will host Barcelona

According to the website sports stadium, The Cursa de la Mercé, which will take place, if everything continues well, on September 20

This career sIt was the first of the five great events to be held in Barcelona on the dates set after their postponements, if the current de-escalation rate is maintained.

The Cursa de la Mercé will be followed by the Barcelona Marathon (October 25), the Jean Bouin (November 22), the Cursa dels Bombers (November 29) and the Cursa dels Nassos (December 31).

«They plan to have the same runners as always or even more«

Regarding the format of the races, the councilor for sports of the Barcelona City Council, David Escudé, announced this week that the city will have «a new popular event model«, Without so many elite and foreign runners and with a great objective:« to enjoy the sport ».

«I can assure you that departures, arrivals and supplies will be within the safety and health requirements that are required of us at that time.   The technicians of the Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE) have been working on this for months«, Assured the councilman.

The great surprise was Escudé when he explained, to questions from journalists, that They have contemplated "having the same brokers as always or even more" to "break patterns" with the past.

A project for popular careers in Barcelona has been presented

Championchip directorAndreu Ballbé, responsible for the timing systems of the Barcelona races for more than two decades, has already presented to the IBE a project for 10 kilometer racesyou, like La Mercé or ls Cursa dels Nassos, who Minimize groups of people before, during and after the race.

Initial limit of 3.000 participants

He has designed a career with a initial limit of 3.000 participants on the usual urban circuits of 10 km. from Barcelona and also about the marathon (42,195 km)

Two arches at start and finish

It is recommended that the salida and arrival are separated with separate arches

In any case, two toseparate arches, 4 to 6 meters wide at the exit y 4 meters of arrival, with access areas to avoid crossings between corridors at all times.

Staggered start in groups of 3 in 3 runners. 2.160 in one hour.

The output will be staggered in groups of 3 in 3 runners, keeping the two meters away, since they will have an exit width of 6 meters, and every 5 seconds; in total 36 per minute and 2.160 per hour.

In 1:25 minutes they will all be out.

Behind the starting line, about 10 meters, you must reserve an area 10 meters wide by 72 long (an area of ​​720 square meters).

In this area, squares or circles of 2 meters will be clearly marked where the runners must be placed and advance every 5 seconds.

A person will control the main access through which the numbers will enter randomly and with a marked access time slot, ordering 3 every 5 seconds while all the runners will advance forward.

3 runners will be allowed to pass every 5 seconds

In another section ahead another person will let pass 3 runners every 5 seconds they will go to the starting mats and without stopping the race they will begin the journey. but the safety distance will always be maintained.

Participants will enter the starting area 5 minutes before their departure, so the starting area will only have 180 participants inside at any one time.

Starting frequency of 36 runners per minute

With a output rate of 36 runners / minute that will remain throughout the route, since the times are random.

With the wide streets of Barcelona, ​​safety distances can be guaranteed without any problem.

It is a good initiative with which we hope to see popular races again.

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