Dani Mateo and Martín Fiz beat the hour record on the track

Martín Fiz marks the best track time record in his category on a historic day for Spanish athletics

Sports Santander Ambassador Matín Fiz shared the track with the marathoner Danny Matthew that pulverized the Spanish Record of the Hour on the track of Mariano Haro with a distance of 20.597 meters.

Martín Fiz record of the hour in category over 55 years with 17.662 meters

Martín Fiz stopped the clock at 17.662 meters in his attempt to cover the greatest possible distance in 60 minutes at 58 years old, achieving the 'first record' of the hour on the track in his category for over 55 years at the Estadi Olímpic Camilo Cano from La Nucía (Alicante),

He did it on a historic day where Dani Mateo managed to pulverize the Spanish Record of the Hour on the track of Mariano Haro.

The Sports Santander ambassador fulfilled the objective in this new Santander Challenge of reaching a record that will now serve as a reference and motivation for the practice of sport among veteran athletes.

The new brand becomes a benchmark for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and a spirit of improvement, beyond 50 years in an athletic event promoted and sponsored by Sports Santander

Dani Mateo record of the hour with 20.597 meters

In the challenge, Martín Fiz was accompanied at all times on the track by the marathoner Danny Matthew which aimed to storm the historic Spanish Time Record that Mariano Haro set at 20.493 meters in August 1975 in San Sebastián.

The athlete from Soria achieved a best mark of 20.597 unofficial meters and it broke brilliantly with the 45-year validity of a record that Martín Fiz had described as “a brand of the XNUMXst century”.

Both celebrated their conquests in style at the end, on a day where the rain appeared before the start of the test.

Start time with Dani Mateo and Martín Fiz
Start time with Dani Mateo and Martín Fiz

"A memorable day for Spanish athletics"

“The last two months I was training at the Estadio de Mendizorroza, although I have to say that the training has been more mental than physical.

I had set a distance of 41 laps, that is, 17 kilometers and 600 meters to be satisfied and in the end I passed that distance.

I am happy as always for the test and above all because I am here on day D and at hour H on an emblematic day for Spanish athletics with Dani Mateo, the true protagonist of today ”, highlighted Martín Fiz.

Fiz ran the kilometer under 3:25 at 58 years old, He wanted to highlight “the difficulty that is greater than mine that Dani Mateo has had to face and that I would have liked to have had at the time.

That the brand has been around for 45 years means a lot. It was, for me, a brand of the XXI century that anyone would have had a hard time surpassing and that Dani Mateo has embroidered, so today is a memorable day for Spanish athletics and La Nucía ”.

Dani Mateo ran from the start at a record pace on the track of the La Nucía stadium, managing to exceed Mariano Haro's mark of 15.000:43 in 56 seconds at 20 and finish the 20.000 with a time of 58:18 for the 58:37 set by the legendary athlete. “I have already been saying that Mariano Haro's brand seemed exceptional to me.

You realize the greatness of what it means. I have faced this challenge with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, but if I tell the truth I saw it as very difficult. It was amazing. For me, the stadium has not been empty but full.

The speaker has been incredible, my teammates have taken me in flying colors. If I have to thank anyone, it is my coach Enrique.

Thanks to him I have enjoyed a lot and I will always remember him. It goes for you. And to Mariano Haro I would say thank you very much for inspiring us and leading the way.

I am from Soria and from Palencia and I have it as someone close. Thanks to athletes like him as well as Martín Fiz, the new generations are here ”.

Martín Fiz, ambassador of Sports Santander and world marathon champion in 1995, had the help of the hares Marc Hurtado, his faithful squire, and the World Cup runner-up in the M40 category, Juan Carlos Esteso, who set the pace for him in his challenge.

For his part, Dani Mateo was helped by athletes Houssame Benabbou, David Bascuñana and Ibrahim Chakhir. The feat could not be open to the public due to strict compliance with the anti-COVID protocol set by the RFEA.

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