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We interview David García, Technical Director of Triathlon Madrid KM0

Triathlon Madrid KM0 will fulfill this 2016 its second edition and David García will become Technical Director of this test

With more than a decade devoted to the world of triathlon, David Garcia, Technical Director of Triathlon Madrid KM0, of course it is a guarantee of quality in terms of the organization and management of the circuit.

He started competing in the 2002 and three years later we could start to see him as an Official in various Triathlon competitions. Years of work led him to be a Technical Delegate in several national and international events, including Triathlon World Cups, as well as to take the management of the School Circuit in the Community of Madrid and the Technical Management of two seasons in a recognized circuit. of SerTri, among other actions.

After working hand in hand in the first edition of Triathlon Km0 with Felipe Gutierrez, who was Director of Competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation during 3 legislatures, this 2016 David has gone on to assume the position of Technical Director of the event, an event born to become an international reference in terms of long distance.

Any change with respect to the first edition?

As you all know this 2016 we will add the middle distance, this is certainly the most remarkable change.

As far as the circuit is concerned and thinking about the triathlete there will be two notable changes. On the one hand we plan to expand the refreshments (more product) and we will work on improving the transitions, so that they are more colorful and comfortable for family, friends and companions.

In the running race we are working on expanding the width of the Madrid River tracks, we believe it is important that you can run in a comfortable way and with more space.

About creating a test of medium and long distance at the same time Is not this difficult when managing brokers?

Not really. The swimming will be in the same place, and the cycling circuit will be the same, only that the medium distance test will have the transition in El Escorial, where the Race will begin on foot on a practically flat course.

What we are working on is to be able to close traffic in addition to the Port of Morcuera, that of Canencia, until practically the end it is difficult to know with certainty, but of course we work every day to do so.

articulos_david-garcia-triatlon-madrid-km0 Interview with David García, Technical Director of Triathlon Madrid KM0 News Triathlon

There was a lot of commotion for the victory of Héctor Guerra, triathlete coming from cycling and who was sanctioned by doping. What does the organization think about this?

With respect to the sanction, it is the Andidopaje Committee that dictates the rules, and once the sanction is fulfilled, it is valid for competition. We at the organizational level comply with the rules defined by the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Anti-Doping Committee. Days prior to the test, and once the lists are closed, it is the federation that gives the go-ahead to the starting list, guaranteeing that there is no athlete sanctioned by doping, we limit ourselves to comply with the regulations that mark us.

What would you highlight of the Triathlon Km0 circuit?

The swimming that takes place in Buitrago, is an excellent starting place and very comfortable for the companions.

The spectacular nature of the route puts the cycling circuit through its landscapes and being a circuit without drafting. I think it is an incredible experience to be able to enjoy all the places and scenarios that the sierra of Madrid offers us.

But for me, of course the hallmark of this test is having the possibility of passing under the goal arch in the Puerta del Sol, this I think can not be explained with words ... I'm sure you have to live it.

Is there anything else you would like to review at the Technical Management level on the Madrid Km0 Triathlon circuits?

I would not like to end this interview without thanking the support provided by the City Council and the Community of Madrid, as well as the Canal de Isabel II and the Civil Guard as support in the control of the circuits. Thanks to your support and clear commitment, the management has been much more agile.

Of course to thank all the triathletes who trusted and believed in something that seemed like a dream, today is a reality. To thank all those who are already registered and / or plan to compete in this triathlon, for our part we work day after day to offer you an unforgettable experience

See you at the starting line of Trialton KM0!

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