DAVID SERRA PHYSIOTHERAPY Inaugurates a new center in Sant Cugat del Vallés

The next February 16, David Serra Physiotherapy, collaborator of the Physiotherapy Section de Triathlon News will inaugurate a new physiotherapy center in this Catalan town.



With an extensive curriculum, which has been triathletes of the size of Javier Gómez Noya, Victor del Corral, Miquel Blanchart, Roger Roca o Marcel Zamora, among others, David Serra has always been on the side of sports and athletes, giving coverage in many national and international sports events, standing out among other two of the most important Long Distance nationally as they are EXTREME MAN Salou y CHALLENGE Barcelona, Among others.


During these years they have created their own work philosophy, the result of the combination of different therapies, technologies and products, where the communication and the individualized treatment of their patients are the main axis.


The secret of their success is that the experience gained in competitive sports has been applied in physiotherapy treatments for the general population, where efficiency and speed of recovery are essential to guarantee the quality of life of their patients.


Always aware of the latest developments and advances in physiotherapy, we want to continue being a reference in the application of the best therapies to give effective solutions to our patients.


David Serra Physiotherapy and Sports


David Serra Physiotherapy has specialized in sports physiotherapy, this is his passion. The sensations, the feelings, the typical pains of the athletes ... all this is known to them.


His affinity with athletes creates a special bond with the patient. For this reason in recent years we have been a reference in the world of sports.


For all of them, as for all the passionate and practitioners of the triathlon and other sports offer all professionalism that guarantees the power to enjoy the sport many more years!


Further information: www.fisiocerdanyola.com


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