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We interviewed David Thompson, director of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca.

Long Course Weekend Mallorca is a test that will last three days and in which athletes will swim on Friday, ride a bicycle on Saturday and run on Sunday.

A few weeks ago we announced the birth of the Long Course Weekend en Majorca, proof that the 3, 4 and 5 days of November will be played in Alcúdia. This is a sporting event that was born in Wales six years ago and which will be held this 2017 also in the town of Jarvis Bay, Australia. It consists of a sports festival with multiple distances, on Friday the swimming tests will be carried out, on Saturday those of cycling and on Sunday those of race on foot.

Today we are going to interview Interview to David Thompson, manager of the company Kumulus, organizer of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca who will tell the news of this unique event in Spain and how the different competitions will be developed.

noticias_David-Thompson-kumulus We interview David Thompson, director of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca. Triathlon News

- Good morning David, a few weeks ago you announced the creation of a new sporting event, the Long Course Weekend (LCW) Mallorca, a test that will be the first time he has done in Spain. What was the reason for bringing this competition to Spain and more specifically to Alcudia?

Alcúdia is the paradise for long-distance sports people in Mallorca, both for cyclists and for triathletes from around the world. The municipality has been involved in sports for many years and offers excellent infrastructures and services to combine leisure and sports for all kinds of profiles. We loved this event, and after talking with LCW Wales we decided that Alcúdia would be the perfect place to organize it in Spain.

- What kind of competition awaits athletes? What are their formats?

We can summarize it as an Ironman distance triathlon but divided into three days, or an ultraman but in 'small' distances. It is a very innovative format. It is also open to athletes who are not triathletes, since in all disciplines (swimming, cycling, running) we offer suitable distances for all. In addition, participants can combine the disciplines and distances according to their possibilities, or desire.

noticias_Long-Course-Weekend-mallorca-playa We interview David Thompson, director of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca. Triathlon News

Friday November 3 is the "Swim Day " and you can choose between swimming 3.800 m, 1.900 m, 1.500 or 750 m. He "Bike Day " It's Saturday, and you can pedal during 86 or 172 km, with closed traffic !. On Sunday, the last day of competition, the "Run Day", In which participants can run 5, 10, 21 or the 42,195 km of a marathon.

- As you have told us, the LCW consists of a sports festival, composed of the three triathlon disciplines and their different distances. Can a triathlete compete all three days?

Yes, it's a new concept, very funny and complete. It can be useful for cyclists, swimmers or runners to decide in a short time to move to triathlon. For the usual triathletes it will be a great option to try new things.

- We would like you to tell us a bit about the “queens” distance circuits, the maximum distances (swimming 3800m on Friday, 172km cycling on Saturday and 42,195 km on Sunday). How is each of the circuits and what can we highlight about them?

The swimming takes place in the bay of Alcúdia, calm and crystalline waters with a temperature in November of about 19ºC.

In cycling it will be spectacular to be able to enjoy the landscapes of Mallorca through which it passes, besides being a test closed to traffic (something not usual in Europe) and where drafting will be allowed. The race on foot has a part on the seafront of the beach, next to the sea, it will also be very beautiful and iconic.

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- Will there also be children's tests for children?

Of course! Children between 0 and 12 can participate in the Kids Beach Run, a walking race, which will be held on the beach and where distances vary according to age. They will also receive your gift!

- What other services does the organization have for athletes and companions?

There will be an Expo with the best sports brands from Thursday to Sunday, which can be visited by both participants and companions.

- Finally, what message could we send to our readers to encourage them to travel to Alcudia to play the Long Course Weekend of Mallorca?

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of a unique weekend with friends or family, it will be something historic, and there are options for all levels, athletes more or less advanced, and in which the good weather is sure to accompany.

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