Decathlon offers 1.000 new jobs in Spain

the french chain Decathlon that has more than 170 stores in Spain has opened a selection process to cover 992 jobs.

These job offers are for the centers of Madrid, Zaragoza, Burgos, Menorca, Badalona, ​​among many other centers.

What kind of offers are there?

We are looking for all kinds of profiles, both part-time as more stable positions in even positions for managers, IT, logistics, etc.

All the offers have one point in common, that they are sports lovers, something fundamental if you want to work in this company.

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How can I sign up for these offers?

The process is very simple, since from the same Decathlon page they have a job portal with the list of all offers.

In this specific portal you can filter by position, location, etc.

Salaries of 1.200 euros

The salaries of the offers are in ranges between €14.794,06 and €18.341,73 gross, which means a net floor between €1.200 and €1.500 depending on the position.

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