This is how the PRO EPIC TRIATHLON lived from within

EPIC Triathlon It will celebrate its third edition in 2024. An event that has become a benchmark thanks to its circuits and above all its high organizational level.

An event designed by and for triathletes.

News for next year

2024 arrives with an important novelty, and that is that Long Distance will be Spain Championship in this modality.

The event will take place on Saturday 25 May along with the Half distance and the Sunday 26 You can enjoy the Sprint and Olympic distances.

EPIC is presented as an excellent opportunity to compete next season for internationally renowned triathletes such as Ivan Raña, Javier Gómez Noya o Saleta Castro, among others, they have already opted for it, and from Triatlón Noticias we want to make a small compilation of their last participation.

Ivan Raña, distance SPRINT

 "From swimming feeling strong, to cycling and then the transitions that, I admit, I hadn't experienced in a while, everything has been fantastic! The bicycle circuit is spectacular, an ideal place for an official championshipl ".

Saleta Castro, distance HALF

“It is one of the best tests I have competed in Spain, it has everything, demanding and beautiful circuits, organization of 10 and a post-finish… brutal!”

Javi Gómez Noya, distance HALF

“EPIC triathlon is a test with spectacular circuits and an organization of 10, where I have also been able to enjoy the high level that exists in the middle distance in Spain” Javi Gómez Noya declared when he reached the finish line in the Half distance last September where he was proclaimed champion with a time of 3:39:48

Open enrollment

The test continues with open registrations and has more than 1.000 registered for the test.

Participate with your club

For the Clubs the organization offers interesting discounts depending on the number of members who want to participate in the test.

Depending on how many club members you are, the discount can be 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%.)

If you also want to enjoy this experience in 2024, sign up at:

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