Statements from the professionals: Club La Santa press conference IRONMAN Lanzarote 2024

The SOCO Shopping Center in Puerto del Carmen today became the meeting point for professionals with the media, where the press conference prior to the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2024 which will be held this Saturday, May 18.

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Professional triathletes were present during it. Lydia dant, winner in the last 2 editions, Anne Haug, IRONMAN world champion,  Kenneth Vandendriessche winner in 2022 and Jordi Montraveta fourth last year, shared their expectations for the test.

Furthermore, we were able to count on the presence of Fabio Cabera, race director of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote, who opened the press conference highlighting the improvements implemented for this edition.

“We are happy to include new changes that will make a unique experience for the triathlete in this edition,” said Cabrera, where he emphasized the new transition area located on the beach of Puerto del Carmen as well as its spectacular cycling circuit, thus showing way the continuous effort on the part of the organization to adapt to the needs of the triathlete.

The director also highlighted the recognition received in previous editions, such as the award for the third best swimming course in Europe in 2023, and expressed his confidence that the changes made to the cycling course will be equally valued.

Anne Haug, a German triathlete who has lived in Lanzarote for 20 years, shared her motivation to compete on the island

“Lanzarote is like my second home,” declared Haug, who highlighted the excellent training conditions that the island offers and the support of its main sponsor, Club La Santa.

The athlete, who is recovering from a virus contracted at the beginning of the year, stated that she feels fit enough to compete and highlighted the importance of mental strength in a test as demanding as this.

The Belgian Kenneth Vandendriessche, winner of the 2022 edition, expressed his deep bond with Lanzarote, an island that he considers his second home after meeting his wife there and accumulating countless memories throughout his four participations in the IRONMAN.

Vandendriessche, who achieved one of the best marathon times in the history of the event (2:40:36), was forced to abandon the 2023 edition due to a last-minute injury.

Now, the Belgian athlete arrives with the clear objective of trying to achieve victory and beat the event record (8:22:31) established by Arthur Horse last year.

In addition, he will try to lower the time of 2 hours 39 minutes 19 seconds achieved by Horse in last year's marathon.

For its part, Lydia dant, the British woman who has dominated the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote in the last two editions, reiterated with a big smile her love for the island and the unique atmosphere that surrounds the competition.

“I love being here,” said Dant, who highlighted the warmth of the people and the unconditional support that athletes receive during their stay on the island.

Jordi Montraveta, a Spanish triathlete who aspires to be the first Spanish triathlete to cross the finish line in this edition, confessed that the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote has always been a goal in his professional career, completing his third participation this year.

“Since I debuted in long distance, my dream was always to compete here,” said Montraveta.

The athlete stated that he has been specifically preparing for this test since October 2023 and that he feels at home on the island, highlighting the harshness and beauty of its landscapes.

Aware of the difficulty of the test, Montraveta showed his determination to remain focused and motivated to achieve his best result in this edition.

The event, which will celebrate its 32nd edition this year, will bring together nearly 1.000 triathletes from all continents.

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