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From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

We interviewed Paulo Figueiredo, Director of the Official Hotel of IRONMAN 70.3 Cascais: Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort

From Triathlon News, and after being able to visit this spectacular hotel during the weekend of the test, we were able to meet its director: Paulo Figueiredo, triathlete, father and an example for many athletes.

"I started doing triathlon in 2012, my first test was a super sprint in Lisbon, this was after a period of great professional demand.

The step that led me to this was health, I needed to lose weight. I signed up for a race where I ran with my 10-year-old son, and when I reached kilometer 3 I had to stop, he was waiting for me… it was there that I realized that I had to do sports"

From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

"For me triathletes have always been admirable"

"Yor followed Vanessa Fernandes for her national and international conquestsYes, she is a super woman and a great inspiration to many of us. I always thought that to be a triathlete it was necessary to have a great physical and mental capacity and to know how to combine the three disciplines, and suddenly there I was… ..this year ending Ironman of Kona in my age group 45-49, a dream ”

"My preparation for Hawaii was entirely done in this area of ​​Cascais And I must say that my adaptation in Kona was very fast. Cascais does not have the same humidity and warm sensation, but the summer in the area is also very warm, the cyclist route has some similarities with flat areas and false planes with a cumulative of about 1.800m that is exactly the same as we have in Cascais when we climb the Serra da Malveira to Serra de Sintra"

From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

"It is fortunate to be able to live and / or come to train in Cascais"

"For all those who are going to compete in Kona and recommended Ironman 70.3 from Cascais at the end of September, this can serve as a good preparation and evaluation of your physical condition for Hawaii, so I did this yearor"

Why visit and compete in Cascais?

"In Cascais you have everything. Thanks to competing, I have visited incredible places, but it has also made me see everything that Cascais has to offer and that manages to unite it in one place. Here there is one perfect combination to prepare any test with almost 300 days of sunshine a year.

We are alone 30 minutes from Lisbon which makes it very easy to travel here. Mountain, sea, good weather, great restaurants with fresh fish and shellfish as well as traditional Portuguese cuisine …… a city prepared also for families with a great offer of sports and cultural activities… .I think that coming here is a great experience ”

"There are also good hotel deals, in our case and how Official Hotel of Ironman 70.3 of Cascais and also knowing the sport we try to offer the best to the triathlete. If you come to the hotel to compete or in another season to train you will always be welcome.

Here we try not to miss anything, with parking for bikes with 24 hours, access to the healhclub with indoor pool, sauna y Turkish bath, sports massages at the hotel……"

From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

What does the Official Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort offer to the triathlete?

"During the weekend of the competition we focus on the 100% in the triathlete who is staying with us offering special IRONMAN breakfast included in the buffet, the day of the test we open at 04.30 in the morning preparing what the athlete asks us, during these days we have special menus for athletes, we offer a Special fruit cocktail for the triathlete at the bar, a free transfer service to the starting area, the possibility of taking a tour by car or bus to recognize the cycling segment, maps with training info for the three sectors and the possibility of recognizing the circuit with a local athlete… .this among many others stuff"

From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

Paulo Figueiro is without doubt a referring as a long distance triathlete who has managed to combine a demanding job of management in one of the most prestigious hotels in Portugal, with his family, trainings and competitions in international Ironman tests.

Thus, not only Triathlon News has echoed this story, but you can also find it through the official website of Ironman

From the office of a hotel to the Ironman of Kona

About IRONMAN 70.3 by Cascais

There is no doubt that Ironman 70.3 is one of the best medium distance tests in the world.

Circuits, climate, restoration, good communication, leisure area and thought for families… .it is just some of the things that make them unique, but if you unite this by living this experience in such a privileged place as the Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort, It already becomes an unmatched experience, not only for what it offers, but also because Triathlon really breathes there

More information about Hotel Quinta de Marinha Resort:

Learn more about Cascais Ironman 70.3


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