Federated athletes and professionals in Phase 1

This May 11 has been the date on which Phase 1 of the de-escalation has been implemented in various parts of Spanish territory.

This May 11 has been the date on which Phase 1 of the de-escalation has been implemented in various parts of Spanish territory.

Although the practice of sport and walks by the general population remain, professional or high level sport has some advantages.

EThe federated sport, for the moment has limited mobility within their municipality, but the various federations are lobbying for example, allow cyclists to leave their locality as we explain in this news.

Official CSD FAQ

You can check the following link the Full FAQ 

Athlete type Times you can train Time zones Bounds Accreditation
Profile Unlimited No hours Province SI
High Level / DAN Unlimited No hours Province SI
National Interest Unlimited No hours Province SI
Federated 2 times a day Established stripes Province SI
Not Federated Once a day Established stripes town hall DO NOT

Professional sportsmen

National cyclists cataloged as  High performance sportsmen (DAR) on the part of each autonomous community will be able to carry out their sports activity from today Monday May 11 with the same conditions as professionals and High Level Athletes (DAN):

They will be able to carry out outdoor training without a time limit within their province with a coach and having free access to any natural space.

This has been confirmed today by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) through  this document.

Those DAR athletes who do not yet have the accreditation certificate (essential to be able to train outdoors together with the federal license) can request it from their autonomous community through their autonomous federation.

Federated Athletes

You cannot go for a walk or sport in another town.

 The time bands established in PHASE 1 - 0:6 to 00:10 and from 00:20 to 00:23 hours are maintained in PHASE 00, with the possibility for the federated to be able to double their training in the aforementioned time bands. Without time slots in municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants.

The municipality of residence remains the only area for sports practice.

Sports centers

An open-air sports facility is understood as an open-air sports facility, regardless of whether it is located in a closed or open area, that lacks a roof and walls simultaneously, and that allows the practice of a sports mode.

Open-air sports facilities without public will be opened (only for sports in which there is no contact: athletics, tennis).

In addition, individual sports activities will be allowed by appointment in sports centers that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms.

In this phase, swimming pools and water areas for recreational bathing are excluded. You will open from Phase 3 of the de-escalation

If it is allowed on the beaches, where the city council allows it, swim for sports.


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