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Devils Rivas Spanish Champions of Mixed Relay Triathlon 2019

Today was the second day in Boiro after the Championship of Spain of Clubs

The club of Triathlon Devils of Rivas Mar de Pulpí got the victory in the Spanish Relay Triathlon Championship 2019, played in Boiro, fourth round of the Iberdrola leagues and Triathlon Lotteries.

Exciting development of the race with alternation in the leadership until the last two posts in which Marta Pintanethe Iván Gil strengthened the triumph of the Madrid team, with which they also formed Raquel Aróstegui y Héctor Arévalo. The Rivas Devils also took the jerseys of Loterías and Iberdrola, and the Iberdrola Trophy to the best part of swimming.

Noelia Juan, for CEA Bétera, was the fastest woman in the first relay, with Cidade de Lugo Fluvial and Fasttriathlon leading the peloton of the rest of the favorite teams to victory. Kevin Tarek Viñuela was back in swimming for the team from Lugo, but he gave up the first position in the cycling and race segments to Fasttriathlon,

With Diablillos and Bétera in the fight of the first positions and Saltoki Trikideak approaching the fight for the podium. Andrés Eduardo Díaz received the third relief with the Fasttriathlon in the lead, followed by Cidade de Lugo Fluvial, Saltoki Diquesí Trikideak, Diablillos and Bétera.

Marta Pintanel up to Rivas to the second place at the exit of the water of the third relief, and the first position in the delivery of the post to the last reliever of the Madrilenians, Iván Gil, who knew how to manage and maintain the advantage until the end .

Good races from Laura Durán and Ander Noaín kept Saltoki in the second place ahead of Cidade de Lugo Fluvial and Fasttriathlon, but Alexis Dupuy had to give up the place of the Navarrese on the podium before the push of Antonio Benito, who secured the money for the Galician team, and Aleix Domenech, who gave the Catalans the bronze.


Source: FETRI

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