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Crushing victory of Diana Rieler in the Ironman of Lanzarote. Saleta Castro seventh

Saleta Castro in the 4 Participations in Lanzarote has always ended in the top 7 final.

For its part in the women's competition is the Austrian Michi Helbauer was the first to arrive at the T1 with a time of 53m21s, followed by a few 14 seconds of Saleta Castro and the Australian Kate Bevilaqua.

After them to 2 minutes the German Diana Riesler, further back to 5 'came the British Liveser and finally another favorite, the Taiwanese Shiao-Yu Li It was left about 12 minutes with the first in the first transition.

In the first kilometers of the cycling Helbauer was put in head alone, until in the 30 km it is hunted by Riana Riesler. Bevilaqua was running further back, followed by Saleta and Livesey.

During kilometer 30 to 70 Helbauer holds the advantage around the minute with Riesler, but from the hardest area from Famara the German begins its exhibition on two wheels, always pedaling extremely concentrated. Behind her Herbauler is losing minutes with respect to the leader and increases the advantage over the rest of the persecutors. Behind, several triathletes had been making good records such as Danish Jensen and British Livesey, although weighed down by bad swimming.

Riana Riesler is planted in T2 after 5h37m of pedaling with the race practically in your pocket. The Austrian Herlbauer arrived in more than 18 minutes. Five minutes later, in third place came the British Livesey with a partial cyclist similar to the Austrian. In 5th place came Saleta who had been very hard cycling, upon arrival at the finish he told us that he had a bad choice in the profile of the wheels and that this penalized him a lot in the cycling segment.

Diana Riesler wins the Ironman Lanzarote Canarias Triathlon Spainhttp: //

Posted by Triathlon News on Saturday, 23 of May of 2015

The first three had no modification in the marathon, being the victory for the German Diana Riesler with 9h56m04s, followed more than 15 minutes by the Austrian Herbauer and closed the podium, reaching the finish line with more than 30 minutes the British Livesey.

We want to highlight the comeback of Shiao-Yu who performed the best partial walk (3h12). The trialetat left in the last positions of the swim and finished fourth overall, thanks to its magnificent marathon. The fifth final position went to the German Walter.

Finally we want to highlight the 42,2km deed starring Saleta Castro, who during the first 21kms had physical problems and suffered a lot losing several positions ... although he finally managed to complete a marathon from less to more, running at a rate of 4 the last 30 kilometers, where he could overcome three positions to finish in a magnificent seventh final position.

Statements by Saleta Castro Nogueira (triathlete) at the end of the Ironman Lanzarote Canary Islands Triathlon Spain in seventh position

Posted by Triathlon News on Saturday, 23 of May of 2015

Huge Galician who in her 4 participations in Lanzarote has always finished in the top 7 with a third, two fifth and is suffered and fought 7th position.

noticias_top10-mujereslanzarote-2015 Crushing victory of Diana Rieler in the Ironman of Lanzarote. Saleta Castro seventh News Triathlon

Juan Jose Martí Navio @jjnavio

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