Dieter Comhair and Kate Curran win at the Club La Santa Volcano Triathlon 2023

Sara Pérez and Pello Osoro get on the podium

Dieter Comhair y Kate Curran are the champions of La Santa Volcano Triathlon Club 2023, the oldest triathlon event in Spain.

The Belgian and the British have achieved victory with times of 01:55:39 and 02:07:38, respectively.

In the test, of Olympic distances and scoring in the FETRI national ranking, more than 500 professional and amateur triathletes have participated.

At 8 in the morning local time and from the saltwater lagoon of Club La Santa, the Volcano Triathlon started on a mostly sunny morning.

In the swimming segment, the British Reece Barclay took the lead in the race, followed by his compatriots Jorge Wilkes and Jonathan Jackson, a few seconds behind.

On the women's side, reigning Volcano Triathlon champion Sara Pérez led the way with Kate Curran and Maja Stage following close behind.

After overcoming a kilometer and a half in the water, the triathletes faced 40 kilometers on the bike on a route that passed through Caleta de Caballo, Soo, Caleta de Famara and Teguise.

In this section, there was a total change between the first classified and the Belgian Dieter Comhair proved to be the fastest, with the Italian Nicola Duchi and the Spanish Pello Osoro in second and third place.

In the women's category, Sara Pérez continued to lead the event, with Kate Curran and Maja Stage trying to put their victory in jeopardy.

The last 10 kilometers, corresponding to the foot race, were decisive to determine the champions of this La Santa Volcano Triathlon Club.

Among the male triathletes, the Belgian Dieter Comhair held on to a first position that he held from the last kilometers of this segment.

Nicola Duchi and Pello Osoro competed and pushed to snatch the win from Comhair, but neither of them could claim victory.

For her part, the British Kate Curran starred in a comeback in the foot race, proclaiming herself the winner of the test with a total difference of three minutes compared to Sara Pérez. Maja Stage, Club La Santa ambassador, closed the podium with a creditable third place.

Regarding the relay race, the winning team was Latitud 29, with a time of 00:19:12 in the swimming segment, 00:57:34 on the bicycle and 00:34:43 in the foot race.

The top ten classified in the Elite male and female categories received an NFT as a prize, within the framework of Club La Santa's commitment to constant innovation and to integrating new media and types of assets into its events and competitions.

This vocation to innovate, to bring new technologies and economic realities to its events, and to set sustainability as an inalienable guide are the hallmarks of Club La Santa as a company, as a complex and as an event organizer.

The celebration of this event keeps Lanzarote and the Canary Islands in a position of reference in the national and international sports scene.

The Club La Santa Volcano Triathlon has been a prominent event on the calendar since its first edition, in 1984, remaining the longest running triathlon competition in Spain. In fact, the FETRI 2023 National Triathlon Ranking has started with this test.

In addition, for the success of the event, the support and collaboration of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Turismo de Lanzarote and the European Sports Destination have been key.

After the completion of this Volcano Triathlon, in three weeks the Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote will be held, on March 18, and two months later, on May 20, the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote, two tests of absolute reference in the national and international triathlon.


Male category:

  1.   Dieter Comhair (BEL) – 01:55:39
  2.   Nicola Duchi (ITA) – +0:24
  3.   Pello Osoro (ESP) – +1:23

Female category:

  1.   Kate Curran (UK) – 02:07:38
  2.   Sara Perez (ESP) – +3:02
  3.   Maja Stage (DK) – +3:58


  1.   Latitude 29 (ESP) – 02:16:17
  2.   Bretzel Team (FRA) – +0:41
  3.   Team Dekorsi (GER) – +2:35

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