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Direct: Grand Final of the Rotterdam World Series

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If you can not see the test, from Triathlon News we will do the live so you do not miss the details of the test

images_banner-santini-serie-mundials Direct: Grand Final of the Rotterdam World Series News Triathlon

Jonathan Brownlee remains the group of the head, this can give the silver to Javier Gómez Noya

Last 2,5 km of carrear with Mola and Noya pulling the group in the lead

In the passage through the middle of the tour the group of 4 passed with Noya, Mola, Brownlee and Vicent Luis

Fernando Alarza has to finish ahead of Richard Murray to get on the podium

Javier Gómez Noya reaches the leading group

Jonathan Brownlee and Blummenflet take the lead, Mola goes fifth

They are already running Noya and Mola looking for the head and Fernando Alarza a little behind

Only 2 km to leave the bike, everything will be decided in the race on foot

Missing 7 km for the T2, with the Spaniards in the lead, A for the triplet !!

I pass through the 5 lap, the difference between the head group and the pursuer is now 2 minutes.

Ivan Raña withdrew from the test

The bad conditions of the circuit are causing no attacks in the group, we will have to wait for the last round

Step by the fourth round, the difference on the group of Uxio 1: 30, Iván Raña has not passed

I went through the third round in a group of 25 with Noya, Mola, Alarza, Hernandez, Brownlee, Murray, Royle and Blummenflet in the leading group

In the passage through the second round, the groups are unified, so all the favorites are already in the group head of the race, Uxío Abuín and Iván Raña go to 1: 15 in the pursuer group

16: 33 is the best brand of @Varga_triathlon in a WTS Olympic distance in 2017 in the #WTSLeeds

@Varga_triathlon is the best ITU swimmer, in 4 WTS has been the first to cover the first segment

In the passage through the 1 turn, the distance is reduced, passing the second group with Mola and Alarza to 15 seconds

Head a group of 15 with Noya, Brownlke, behind to 20 »Alarza and Mola pulling the group along with Chente, Uxio, Raña 1 minute behind

The transition of Noya, Alarza and Mario Mola

Finish the 1.500 meters of swimming, Richard Varga 1º in the water, Noya 4º to 5 seconds, Alarza to 15, Mola to 17, Uxio to 26 and Chente to 28

A group in head with Varga and the Polyanskiy brothers in the first positions

Richard Varga in the lead with Jonathan Brownlee from behind

The test is already underway, 1,5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running on foot to meet the 2017 Triathlon World Champion

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