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15: 02 Jodie Stimpson wins the 1 test: 56: 09, second Asheigh Gentle and third Helen Jenkins

15: 01 Jodie Stimpson goes alone to victory, behind Jenkins and Gentle

14: 57 Stimpson attacks and leaves with Jenkins

14: 55 km 7, 5 lora Duffy Helen Jenkins and Jodie Stimpson and Asheigh Gentle together in the lead, Ainhoa ​​Murua uploads the 25 to 1: 51 and Carolina Routier the 29 to 2: 10

15: 52 retains the Australian Asheigh Gentle, leading the duel between Flora Duffy Helen Jenkins and Jodie Stimpson

14: 47 km 5 of race, the group of 4 in head, to 1: 22 Carolina Routier 29 and Ainhoa ​​Murua together.

14: 45 the head group is formed by Flora Duffy, Jodie Stimpson, Helen Jenkins and Asheigh Gentle

14: 44 Nicola Spirig retires

13: 43 Pretty fight between Jodie Stimpson, Helen Jenkins in the lead

14: 39 Spaniards in the race: Carolina Routier is at 41 '', Ainhoa ​​Murua at 1: 03 at km 2.5

14: 36 Head ung rupo four with Flora Duffy, Jodie Stimpson, Helen Jenkins and French Charayon, have an advantage of about 12 seconds on the persegudor group

14: 33 Nicola Spirig has been greatly affected in the fall, and has had to enter the T2 without a bicycle

14: 31 They're already running, Flora Duffy in the lead

14: 27 The head group enters the T2

14: 26 Falls in the first group, Carolina Routier to the ground but it seems that nothing has happened

14: 25 About to enter the T2

14: 21 10 seconds are now, the two groups are going to join, nothing is dedicido

14:! 5 Km 31 cycling, the second group getting closer, now to 13 seconds

14: 06, km 26,5 cycling, the head group leads in 23 '' to the pursuer group, they are getting closer little by little

13: 54 passed through the 17 km of cycling, lead group of 25 with Carolina Routier, 2º group to 38 '' with Ainhoa ​​Murua

13: 47 AInhoa Muruia is in the pursuer group

13: 45 In the 13 bike pass, the 25 head group has an advantage of 40 '' over the second group of Nicola Spirig

13: 37 join the first two groups

13: 35 two groups behind one to 15''but without Spanish

13: 34 Jodie Stipson and Lisa Norden in the leading group

13: 31 Ahead of 40 km of cycling, a group of 10 with Carolina Routier among them

13: 30 Ainhoa ​​Murua goes to 40 '' and Miriam Casillas to 1: 06

13: 26 Carolina Routier comes out first from the water

13: 25 Lisa Norden, Jodie Stipson are quite late one 30 seconds behind the head of the race

13: 19 Carolina Routier first to meet the first round of swimming

13: 18 about to complete the first round

13: 15 Carolina Routier leads the swim industry,

13: 10 Our representation is formed by Carolina Routier, Miriam Casillas and Ainhoa ​​Murua

Female Test


11: 54 Mario Mola gets the victory, great !! Richard Murray second and Joao Silva third. Fernando Alarza enters fourth position

11: 51 Mario realizes, accelerates and becomes distant

11: 50 RIchard Murray is hitting Mola

11: 49 1,5 km to finish the test

11: 48 the difference stays on the 3-4 seconds

11: 46 We enter the final loop, what an exciting

11: 45 5 seconds ahead of Mola over Murray

11: 43 Mola in the lead followed closely by Murray, Mola can do it!

11: 41 Mario leaves, behind Murray and SIlva, Alarza stays

11: 40 Mario Mola attacks and stretches the group, Fernando Alarza stays in the back

11: 38 quickly Mario joins the lead group

11: 37 Mario stops and meets the 15 seconds of penalty coming out to 10 meters from Alarza, Murray and Silva

11: 33 Leader Mario Mola, Second Richard Murray and Fernando Alarza on the hunt!

11: 29 Vicente Hernández and Fernando Alarza in the top positions

11: 28 9 seconds ahead of the pursuer group, Mario is going strong!

11: 26 Mario Mola attacks and leaves alone !, goes in search of advantage to have margin with his penalty

11: 25 quickly Mario Mola, VIcente Hernández and Richard Murray take the lead

11: 23 of the favorites, Richard Murray out of the first, Alarza and Mola a little behind

11: 22 Fabian enters the T2 with 15 '' advantage over the group

11: 20 the difference goes down to 12 '' about to enter the T2

11: 18 The Italian is already tired on the bike.

11: 13 Mario Mola's penalty can be determinant for the test result, although he is a great runner who holds the record in the 10 km in an ITU Olympic triathlon

11: 10 Fabian increases the advantage to 26 ''

11: 09 2 turns of 4,5 km to start running

11: 07 Fabian is still in the lead and opens a little gap of 14 '' with respect to the group

11: 04 Alexandro Fabian tries it alone

11: 01 The 2 groups are finally joined, everything starts again

10: 56 David Castro suffers a mechanical problem and is left behind

10: 55 there are 4 laps to finish the cycling, the distance stays in 14 ''

10: 54: It is confirmed, Mario Mola has 15 '' penalty for using the material out of the box in the transition

10: 48 the difference is maintained at 15 '' in the passage through the second round

10: 42 went through the 1º lap, the difference is now from 14 '', the breakaway seems to have little future

10: 40 It seems that Mario Mola has a penalty 15 ''

10: 38 14 '' of difference between groups

10: 36 The leading group, it seems that it is understood, and are pulling hard, waiting for differences

10: 34, head of a group of 12 with Fernando Alarza, Schoeman, Rapahael, Richard Murray

10: 32 Fernando Alarza is in the leading group

10: 31 In the second group are the Spaniards

10: 26 A head group is formed with 12 triathletes, we do not see the Spaniards in the lead

10: 25 out of the water, Fernando Alarza in 14ª the first Spaniard to get out of the water

10: 24 have been formed, a small group in the lead and behind two larger groups

10: 22 The group is still very stretched

10: 19 go through the first round

10: 17 the heads are confused and pass the buoy outside, will there be a penalty?

10: 16 The group is very stretched, we still do not know what position the Spaniards are in

10: 14 Schoeman and in Raphael in head head

10: 11 Schoeman gets in the lead group, but the rest is very close behind

10: 09 Raphael are in the lead followed closely by Varga

10: 06 2016 season begins, everyone in the water, 1.500 m swimming awaits them

10: 00: Javier Gómez Noya will not participate in the event as he is focused this year on the preparation for the Olympic Games. It also highlights the absence of the Brownlee brothers

09: 59 Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, David Castro and Vicente Hernández our strengths

09: 59 About to start the test

The race will start at 10: 00 AM on Saturday 5 in March Spanish time


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