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Live broadcast of the ITU Triathlon World Series Hamburg

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19:48 Mario Mola wins in the Hamburg World Series

19: 44 about to reach lmeta

19:43 last moments of the race, Murray has not stopped yet

19 :: 38 Fernando Alaza in the second group will fight for third place

19: 35 Murray Mola are left alone, The victory seems to Mola as Murray has to stop in the penalty box

19:34 Murray and Mola Together in the lead, Fernando Alarza running fast and looking for third place

19:31 Murray shoots in the lead and only holds Mola a few meters behind, but he has to make a stop at the penalty box

19: 31 Mola in the lead in the first meters of the road

19: 30 Richard Murray and Mario Mola in the lead, Fernando of the last ones in the T2

19: 29 the favorites at the head of the race

19:28 about to reach T2, the platoon all together

19:27 the platoon in a row, at 52 km / h with wet terrain, eye with curves

19:26 There are more attacks and the pace of the race increases.

19:25 the platoon is grouped, they enter the last lap of cycling

19: 23 Fernando Alarza and Mola at the head of the group, with the rain the circuit is dangerous

19: 22, the attacks start in the head, but not the favorites

19: 21 It has not happened, nothing, is trying to reach the head group

19:19 It starts to rain and Vicente Hernández suffers a fall

19: 16 Richard Murray is warned with 10 seconds for leaving the neoprene in the box

19: 15 remain 10 km of cycling, the race remains the same. 20 seconds ahead of the pursuer group

19:! 3 the test goes fast and it seems that everything will be decided in the race,

19:09 The group is still in the lead and they are all together, collaborating in the relays, seeking to widen the difference from the group behind.

19:06 is formed in group of 34 in the lead with favorites, Mola. Hernández and Alarza in the first group

19:05: Mario Mola left 10º to 7 seconds of the head while Fernando Alarza to 12 and Vicente Hernández to 13.

19:03 Mario Mola leaves 7 seconds behind the leaders.

19: 00 to 150 meters out of the water

18:59 Hamburg is a very quick test, which benefits the Spanish Mario Mola who has demonstrated his strength in this distance.

18:54 @H_Schoeman @RaphaelAurelien @OfficialBailie @ARoyle90 in the head

18:56 how fast they go, all together

18:56 The test will be fast is disputed in distance sprint

18:52 They're already in the water

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