Dº José Hidalgo newly elected President of the Ibero-American Triathlon Association

The President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, has once again been elected President of the Ibero-American Triathlon Association, a position he will occupy for the next four years

This election is the result of the great work carried out in previous years since, in the previous legislature, numerous projects were carried out related to all sectors that encompass our sport: technicians, athletes, officials, organizers ... as well as the numerous agreements of cooperation signed between the countries, and that are bearing fruit.

This legislature begins with the objective of developing a large number of projects in all areas that are useful for all member countries. Mr. José Hidalgo will combine once again this position of President of the Ibero-American Triathlon Association, together with the one he currently holds as President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

According to the President “Triathlon is experienced in Latin America as an emerging sport, a sport that grows and has more and more followers, the level of work and commitment to federations and their technicians is increasing. I am aware of the great responsibility that this position entails and I understand it as a joint development commitment with all the countries that make up the Ibero-American ”

“2012 is presented as an exciting year, during the last four years a great job has been done in all areas within triathlon, both in training and promotion, exchange and organization of tests. This work is bearing fruit and the best indicator of this is precisely the participation of a greater number of Ibero-American countries and athletes in the London Olympics."

“Within the long-term projects planned, cooperation agreements between member countries will be promoted, coordinating them with ITU programs; actions that cover all areas and actors of sport; triathletes, technicians, officials, organizers ... "

Thanks to all these promotion and development efforts worldwide, triathlon is an emerging sport that has more followers every day, little by little great steps are being taken, and among the countless advances made, in 2016 we will be able to count on the Paratriathlon within the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

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