Double of Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza in the World Series of Yokohama

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Spectacular recital of the Spanish with a spectacular comeback of Alarza in the race on foot getting the best time. Jonathan Brownlee crashes into a fence losing all victory options

After the victory of Flora Duffy In the women's event it was the turn of the boys who went to the 6 in the morning Spanish time. On the starting line it reappeared Jonathan Brownlee in the World Series while Javier Gómez Noya, leader of the circuit this season, came to the test after passing a mouth infection this week.

The first to get out of the water was Jonathan Brownlee followed by Alois Knabl and Tayler Reid, followed by Vicente Hernández and Javier Gómez Noya at 10 seconds, Fernando Alarza a 21 and Mario Mola 28 seconds behind the British.

In the 40 kilometers of cycling, we could see an exciting sector with some attacks from the younger of the Brownlee at the beginning of the sector where two groups were formed with more than 20 runners with all the favorites in the front group. Jonathan Brownlee was leading the group at almost all times and Spaniards Gómez Noya, Mola, Alarza and Hernández on a cycling circuit marked by rain and cold that made every turn in the circuit dangerous.

In the last laps of the circuit Jonny looking for not going out to run along with Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Javier Gómez Noya was increasing the pace by stretching the group. In the last few meters of the bike, Jonathan Brownlee went off the road crashing into a fence. Although he lost all the chances of getting the victory, the Briton finished the bicycle sector with the bike at a cost to finish the race in a nice gesture. The Briton does not leave a carrear since the year 2013 in Kitzb.uehel

 Jonathan Brownlee running with the bike in Yokohama

 In the 10 km of foot race, a strong rhythm from the beginning of Mario Mola, reached the leading group consisting of Schoeman, Blummenfelt, Faldum and Igor Polyansky. Behind Fernando Alarza who left with 25 seconds of the T2, with a strong race pace was climbing positions to reach the top 10 in the first round.

 At the head of the race the best runner in the circuit, Mario Mola, thanks to its quality in this sector, it was by picking up units from the leading group to face the last part of the test alone to get the victory with a final time of 1: 48: 15.

Fernando Alarza with a spectacular career he was climbing positions to finally fight for the medals together with Schoeman and Blummenfelt. In a thrilling final meters we could see a nice fight to finally finish in the second final place in one of the best races of the talaverano with a final time of 1: 48: 23, the third place was for Kristian Blummenfelt (1: 48: 26).

Meanwhile Javier Gómez Noya in a good race and with the oral infection he has suffered these days he has been at a great level getting the ninth final place. Vicente Hernández has ended in the 17º while Jonathan Brownlee finished the test at the 42ª position at almost 7 minutes from the head.

 Fernando Alarza running in Yokohama

Fernando Alarza has achieved the best race time on foot by completing the 10 km of route in 00: 30: 26, while Mario Mola has achieved the second best time with 00: 30: 36



Mario Mola 01:48:15
Fernando Alarza 01:48:23
Kristian Blummenfelt 01:48:26
Henri Schoeman 01:48:29
Andreas Schilling 01:49:14
Rostislav Pevtsov 01:49:25
Adrien Briffod 01:49:26
Igor Polyanskiy 01:49:34
Javier Gomez Noya 01:49:40
Vicente Hernandez 01:50:23


With this victory Mario Mola he becomes the leader of the world circuit followed by Fernando Alarza in second position and by Javier Gómez Noya third The next round of the circuit will be held in Leeds (England) the next 10 and 11 for June

World Triathlon ranking after Yokohama


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