Historical doubles in Ironman

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In 2013 Víctor del Corral managed to win in two consecutive Ironman events in an interval of 15 days, "mark" that beat Daniela Ryf in 2016 with two wins in 7 days.

Last Sunday the New Zealander Terenzo Bozzone was imposed on the IM 70.3 from Bariloche in Argentina, 8 days of having achieved victory in the IM from New Zealand. The triumph of the Bahrain Endurance 13 team triathlete has been very commented during these weeks in the world of triathlon, especially for the long trip and schedules between one appointment and another, but Are there precedents that equal or surpass Terenzo's deeds? The answer is affirmative.

Double Ironman 70.3

On "Double" Ironman + Ironman 70.3 in 8 days of difference we have not found any case, but if several "doublets" Ironman 70.3 + Ironman 70.3 with 7 or 8 days of difference.

Own Terenzo Bozzone got one of them, 8 years ago, when the 70.3 25 / 4 / 2010 was imposed on the 70.3 of Texas and seven days later he did the same on the IM XNUMX of St. George.

Subsequently, Craig Alexander it did the same with the victory in the IM 70.3 of Hawaii the 1 / 6 / 2013 and the 70.3 of Kansas 8 days later.

Another of the great world triathletes, Lionel Sanders he achieved his double in 2017, triumphing in the Ironman 70.3 of Oceanside and Texas the 2 and 10 in April respectively.

And the last one to get this double was last year Holly Lawrence with the 70.3 of St George and the 70.3 of Santa Rosa, the 6 and 13 days of last May.

And in Ironman distance? Has there been any Ironman + Ironman double?

Historical doublets in Ironman,noticias_08_victor-corral-ironman-arizona

The first (and only man) to get a "double" was Victor of Pen, with victory in Florida Ironman the 2 / 11 / 2013 and the Arizona Ironman the 17 / 11 / 2013, that is, only 15 days passed between one Ironman and another.

The Florida race was a Catalan recital especially in the race on foot, completed the second fastest marathon in history in an Ironman with a time of 2: 37: 29 and came back more than 18 'with the American Andrew Starykowiz to take the victory with a time of 7: 53: 12, the second best Spanish brand in history. Fifteen days later in Arizona he grazed the sub8, stopping the time in 8: 02: 00.

And finally, the great Daniela Ryf (11 times finisher in IM with 10 victories and a 2º position), "beat" the brand of Víctor del Corral in 2016. The Swiss took the victory in the Challenge of Roth with a time of 8: 22: and seven days later did the same in the IM re Zurich, also coming down from 9h and stopping the time in 8: 51: 50.

Historical doublets in Ironman,noticias_08_daniela-ryf-meta-ironman703-barain

Daniela has in addition another "Super doublet", in 2014 he won the 5150 in Zurich (triathlon standard distance without drafting, also belonging to the Ironman circuit tests) the 26 in July and the next day he did the same with the IM in Zurich.

At the national level we also want to highlight the achievements of clement Alonso y Miquel Blanchart The triathlete from Salamanca got 4 podiums in Ironman in a period of only 98 days in 2014, when he chained the 2º placed in the IM Copenhagen, the victory in the IM Barcelona, ​​the 2ª position in the IM Arizona and the 3ª place in the IM of Cozumel. For its part Miquel Blanchart, He also has his particular feat with two outstanding results in Ironman, when he got the 4ª place in Mallorca and eight days later was 2º in Barcelona.

Photos of Víctor provided by Víctor del Corral himself / Daniela Ryf: Lavamagazine

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