Documentary: “Abanderados del effort”, with the Paralympic Héctor Catalá

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'Standard bearers of the Effort' is the documentary that shows the history of seven elite Spanish athletes at their preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, including the disabled triathlete visual Héctor Catalá.

The seven protagonists of the documentary are born in the Valencian Community and belong to the FER Project of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the entity that has made the documentary possible.

Along with Héctor Catalá, the film stars Raúl Martínez (taekwondo), Jorge Ureña (athletics), Lidón Muñoz (swimming), Ana Pérez Box (judo), Liliana Fernández (beach volleyball) and Néstor Abad (artistic gymnastics).

Some of them had already secured their presence in Tokyo. Others were in the middle of the qualifying process.

The trailer

The film starts with the hope and challenge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, and with the preparation of all of them for the largest sporting event in the world.

until in early March the coronavirus pandemic breaks out and all its consequences.

The documentary lives those hard moments with the athletes: how they are able to reinvent themselves during confinement, the news of the definitive suspension of the Games and, finally, shows how, little by little, they resume their routines and training.

"Flaggers of Effort" has been produced by the producer "La Caña Brothers".

It can already be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

The scriptwriters were forced to reorient the initial approach of the documentary with the emergence of the COVID-19 health crisis. The report is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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