How to follow the Hamburg Triathlon World Series live?

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Fernando Alarza comes out with the number 1 and is the current leader of the World Series while Mario Mola will fight to repeat the victory of last year.

During this weekend the fifth round of the circuit will be held World Triathlon Series in the German city of Hamburg, where we will have the whole "Triarmada" with Fernando Alarza, Mario Mola, Javier Gómez Noya, Vicente Hernández, David Castro, Carolina Routier, Anna Godoy e Inés Santiago.

Hamburg will also host the Mixed Relay Triathlon World Championship, where last year the North American team won, followed by the Australian and the German.

You can check the race preview in this noticia

Opening hours:

Female Test: 15 from July to 14: 10 (Spanish time)

Male Test: 15 from July to 16: 00 (Spanish time)

Mixed Relay Test: 16 Julio at 14: 54 (Spanish time)

Where to see it live?





Hosted by:

Santini Triathlon

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Photo: ITU

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