Dorian Conix and Cassandre Beaugrand win the European Cup in Melilla

Spain gets the double in the junior tests

Today the first European Cup organized by the FETRI was played in Spain, La European Cup of Melilla where Spain has had a great representation in all categories.

In the Junior category, two Spaniards have once again climbed to the top since David cantero y Helena Moragas They have taken the victory.

But that has not been all since two silvers have been achieved, with Miguel Guzman y Elsa Pena occupying the second position.

In the elite events, victory in the men's event went to the favorite Dorian Conix followed byr Barclay Izzard and by Toh Richard.

In the female category the victory has been taken by Cassandre Beaugrand followed by Leonie Periault and by Albert Kjaer Lost in third position


Spanish Rankings


Pos First Name Last Name Time
10 Noelia Juan 0:53:46
12 Marta Pintanel Raymundo 0:53:56
17 Paula From the drunken well 0:54:17
20 María Casals-Mojica 0:54:36
23 Natalia Castro Santos 0:54:57
24 Would go Rodriguez 0:55:04
29 Iratxe Arenal Arribas 0:55:30
33 Sofia Aguayo Mauri 0:56:29
34 Rachel Raised Up 0:56:34
35 Clara Aulinas Prat 0:56:49
43 Laura Rodriguez Salinas 1:03:01
DNF Cecilia Santamaria Surroca 0:00:00
DNF Rachel Arostegui Gonzalez 0:00:00
DNF Yaiza Saiz Serrano 0:00:00
DNF Marta Romance 0:00:00


Pos First Name Last Name Time
11 Genis Grey 0:48:16
16 Jordi García Gracia 0:48:36
21 Alberto Gonzalez Garcia 0:48:57
31 Andrew Hilary Morales 0:49:37
34 Ander Noain Lacamara 0:49:44
36 Esteban Basanta Fouz 0:49:52
41 Andrew Cendan Llorens 0:50:36
53 Igor Bellido Mikhailova 0:51:33
63 Carlos Lozano Fernandez 0:54:53

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