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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The bib numbers by federations for the Paris Games are now known

Last Monday, June 24, the long-awaited draw was held to assign bib numbers for the Olympic triathlon. Paris 2024, a crucial event that determines the strategic position of the athletes in the transition area.

This draw, broadcast live on TriathlonLIVE.tv, not only assigned the numbers, but also the espaces in the transition to the 42 National Federations who have qualified athletes for the Olympic Games.

The layout of the transition area is unique: one side runs from numbers 1 to 29 (except 13), while the other runs from 30 to 56.

This distribution is essential since the proximity to the entrance or exit can significantly influence the athletes' transition time. The federations with the largest number of participants have achieved consecutive numbers, which can be a tactical advantage during the competition.

The men's race will take place on July 30, the women's race on July 31 and the mixed relays on August 5.

The names of the athletes and the final start lists will be confirmed shortly, which adds an element of expectation among triathlon followers.

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