Two Candidates for the presidency of the World Triathlon, Marisol Casado seeks to be re-elected

He has been in charge of the ITU since 2008

This month, the XXXIII Congress will be held virtually World triathlon (old ITU) where up to 73 positions within the organization will be decided.

Among the positions that stand out are those of presidency y vice presidency, in addition to those of executive committee.

Europe has presented the largest number of candidates with 51 people while another 49 will try to represent the American continent on the Executive Committee or on some of the many committees or commissions. Asia has 31 and Oceania and Africa with 11 each.

These elections take place every four years, following the Olympic cycle; this year, applications have been received from a total of 166 individuals.

Two candidates for the presidency

The current president, the Spanish Marisol Married and the Danish Mads freund they are the only candidates for the position of president. Voting will take place on November 29 in Congress.

Married, she is the only woman on the International Olympic Committee since 2010 and was elected ITU President in 2008.

At 64 years of age, in the case of being re-elected, the position of president would be valid until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

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