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Two Spaniards in the Winter Triathlon World Championship

Mónica Sáez, the Mayencos Brico-Jaca Triathlon runner, Spanish Winter Triathlon Champion, travels this Thursday to the Finnish town of Jamijarvi, selected by the Spanish Triathlon Federation, to represent Spain in the women's category in the World Championship Winter Triathlon. Also as the only male representative will be Jon Erguin, Spanish Sub-champion at Reinosa.

The competition that takes place on Saturday the 26th will take place in an “all on snow” format: 6 km of walking, 11 km of mountain biking and 4 km of cross-country skiing. The biggest handicap that the Spanish triathletes will encounter is that during this season they have not been able to compete with the bike on the snow, the most technical discipline of the three when the entire test runs on the white element. After the suspension of the only two tests (Tuixent and Rasos de Peguera) that were to be held entirely on the snow, all the winter triathlons that have been held (Reinosa, Ansó and Isaba), have done it with both first segments on the asphalt. To this we must add a bad ski season, with many dates without snow on the circuits, in addition to the greater tradition of Nordic skiing in other countries.

Despite all these negative points, we must highlight the excellent condition of the way our representatives arrive, with an impeccable season, so depending on the circumstances (such as the shortage of snow on the BTT circuit), we should not rule out a great result.

For the Mayencos triathlete, it is his second participation in the world championship, after 15th place last year in the world championships in Norway.

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