The actor Santi Millán is consecrated as a triathlete in the Inmunactive Challenge

Santi Millán He has made his debut as a triathlete in one of the toughest competitions on the calendar. In his debut, Millán, he has fulfilled his expectations of finishing the Inmunactive Challenge, in very good physical condition and complying with the times marked with his coach.

The actor, a great fan of the bike but with no experience in running or swimming, accepted the Inmunactive Challenge weeks ago at 18. This challenge has been to undergo the adequate preparation to finalize in an optimal state of health the 90 km of bike, 21,1 km running and 1,9 km swimming of the international test Extreme Man by Artroactive.

Trainers, sports doctors INEFC and specialists in nutrition have worked together for and have contemplated not only the loads of training but also key aspects such as nutrition, stress, rest periods and the activation of defenses (maximize physical performance).

Chronicle of a triathlon

After crossing the finish line, Santi has gone to the scale area to know the weight lost in the test, in 5 hours and a half, 1,6 kilos. His sensations in each of the disciplines have been: "The hardest thing was the beginning of the swim, between the cold, you can not see anything because it's dark, you raise your head and you do not see the reference, or anything, just arms and everyone splashing around. It's a very stressful situation, but when you get to the first ball the people have spaced out, that each one picked up their rhythm, and that's when I started to feel good. The bicycle is where I have enjoyed the most because it gives me better and as I have left the water late, the people start always giving you a plus of joy. " explained Santi. "When the race came, at first I was a bit bad because I started with my back loaded, but I went little by little without forcing the pace because I knew that as I ran, after a while I would find better and so has been."

Physically he considers that the weeks of training and follow-up have paid off, he is tired, but the level of fatigue he thought would be greater, "I have felt very well, I have taken a conservative rhythm at all times, it was the first time I did this test and I did not know what could happen so I better calm down. The knees have been very thin, and I am very healthy and healthy "says Santi smiling.

It has been a very positive experience and if I had to send a message to future attendees to the Santi test it is clear "If I can anyone can, yes, with time to prepare thoroughly, and very important without forgetting his body and its defenses that are what protect us "says Santi.

Pablo Vázquez, INEFC coach, is satisfied with the result achieved by Santi, has been in charge of his preparation during the weeks of the Inmunactive Challenge and explains that "Santi has worked hard, can give the impression of not taking things very seriously, but the truth is that he has followed the plan, with the addition of being different from the typical training plans and has been very aware of the protection of the defenses and joints. "

Immune system and sports

In situations of physical or mental stress, such as a very intensive training, participation in a medium distance competition and the nerves derived from it, the defenses of athletes can decrease, thus increasing the risk of respiratory infections. To prevent this situation, Inmunactive contributes nucleotides to the athlete that stimulate the body's own defenses when it really needs it, in this way, it acts as a protective shield to be able to maximize the physical and psychic performance.

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