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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The Azores TRITON launches its ambassadors program

The test will be played next 18,19 and 20 September

El AZORES TRITON , is a Multisport test that will celebrate its first edition the next 18,19 and 20 of October in the Azores islands. The competition consists of completing a test in 3 days with each of the sectors that has a triathlon, swimming, cycling and running. Each day a test will be held, adding the times achieved in each of them.

As a novelty, the organization has launched its TRITON World Series ambassador program , for those athletes who have a great follow-up on social networks and a great story to tell.


  • HALF TRITON AZORES 2019     €200.00 €120.00
  • FULL TRITON AZORES 2019 €280.00 €220.00

The test offers 3 different competitions, the Full, the Half or the Short, that allow you to face this distance in a different way, competing every day in a different sport

  • Shorts: Swimming: 1,5 km - cycling: 50 km - running: 10 km
  • Half: Swimming 3 km - cycling 100 km - running: 20 km
  • Full: Swimming 4,5 km - cycling 150 km - running: 30 km

How to participate in the program?

If you have more than 5.000 followers on the social network Instagram, you will be eligible for this program. For this the process is simple,

Send an email with the subject "Athlete Ambassador Program every day" to the address: info@tritonworldseries.com

In the mail, send the link to the Instagram account, a high quality image, preferably a training or competition and a short (up to 30 seconds) video that talks about the new TRITON World Series concept.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

The ambassador will get a free number just to join the program and post his photo on social networks to encourage people to register, and you will also receive a personalized discount code to give to friends and followers.

After 10 registrations with your code, the hotel is free. After 20 registration with your code, the hotel and flight are free.

If you are interested, get in touch with the organization

Further information: https://tritonworldseries.com/portugal

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