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The Bilbao Triathlon the ideal test to finish the season MD

The Media Distance modality will be accompanied by an Olympic Distance.

El Bilbao Triathlon It will be held the first weekend of October (Saturday 5) around the summer holidays, with enough time to prepare it during the summer.

That is why the triathlon of the Biscayan capital returns to the stage in a new date and with new routes, unique in the cycling sector but always respecting the same identity that has led to success during their past 7 editions.

October an ideal date at the end of summer

After the summer months, the water of the estuary will be about 4ºC warmer than in the month of May, date in which the previous editions have been disputed.

In addition, the weather that week is expected to be more suitable to compete, since the historical temperature indicates will exceed the 18ºC, with less humidity than in previous months, which makes the ideal conditions for the practice of triathlon.

Thus, all triathletes who want to compete at the end of summer have time to plan their training and prepare to get in shape Bilbao Triathlon. Several months of good weather ahead to make good sessions, training in conditions, especially athletes from the north, make it possible for many people to sign up for the test that will take place on Saturday 5 October in the capital of Vizcaya.

Two types of competition are open: Average and Olympic Distance. The registration process is now open on your website:

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Swimming from the Euskalduna towards the Deusto bridge

Shortly after the organization reported the change of direction in the cycling sector, the change of address in the swimming sector.

The route will continue to leave from the esplanade of the Maritime Museum of Bilbao, where the boxes will be located, but instead of going to the Zorrozaurre canal as planned, will go towards the center of the city. From the bridge of the Euskalduna Palace to the Deusto bridge (Olympic distance) and to the Pedro Arrupe footbridge (Media Distancia). This way, it is guaranteed to have the public closer and that the triathletes will listen easier to the cheers of the Bilbao fans, always numerous and boisterous.

Unpublished ascents in the cycling sector

In this edition of 2019, the Bilbao Triathlon has gone around the cycling sector, never better said because it has changed its meaning.

Instead of leaving the Botxo towards Etxebarri, it will go towards Deusto (Enekuri), which has made the tour a little less demanding and count on unpublished increases. A new attraction for many triathletes.

What changes with respect to previous editions is the sense of the ascent from Bilbao to the port of Vivero, which in this edition will be the other way around, going up from the Lezama area. This climb has more affordable percentages of hardness for a triathlon of these characteristics that will surely allow all participants to enjoy this great test.

With all these news, do not wait any longer and sign up Bilbao Triathlon.

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