The Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship changes date and venue

It will be held on February 2 in the Ansó Valley

The Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship 2020 will be played in the XX Winter triathlon Ansó Valley

The titles corresponding to Spain 2020 Winter Triathlon Championship They will be put into play in the historic Ansó Valley Winter Triathlon, which will be in its 2th edition on February XNUMX.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation, before a possible scenario of weather instability and difficulties for the implementation in a new scenario of the “all snow” format initially planned in Sierra Nevada, and in order to guarantee the highest quality of the competition, it has chosen to move the first championship of the year to the locality and Aragonese region.

Ansó hosted 2018

Ansó already hosted the 2018 Winter Triathlon Championship of Spain with great success, the 7-kilometer walking segment being held on the streets of the town.

The cycling circuit, 20 kilometers by paved road, although with the possibility of finding snow, takes athletes to the cross-country ski slopes of Linza for a final segment of 10 kilometers.

The natural environment of the Aragonese region in the winter season, and the infrastructure of accommodation in the area, present the ideal conditions to guarantee services and tours by the organization to athletes.

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