The Championship of Spain by Triathlon Autonomies brings together 120 athletes

Melilla will host this Saturday a Spanish Triathlon Championship, a test that will bring together 120 participants from 10 regional teams, including that of the city.
The competition, which will be held in the male and female modality, will consist of swimming 750 meters, 20 kilometers by bicycle and another 5 on foot.
Among athletes, judges and federations, around 150 people will come to the city.

The test circuit will take place along the Paseo Marítimo for cycling and running, and along the San Lorenzo beach for swimming. The Minister of Development, Youth and Sports yesterday highlighted the importance of Melilla hosting a competition of these characteristics and thanked the Melillanse Triathlon Federation for the work done in organizing the event.
Although initially the budget requested for this championship amounted to 17.800 euros, the good work done by the technicians of the Ministry, the predisposition shown by the Federation and the contribution and collaboration of the sponsors has meant that the cost of the test has been reduced to 9.000 euros.

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