The 2014 Duathlon World Championship, in Pontevedra

Pontevedra redoubles its commitment to become a benchmark in the organization of major international sporting events. After the good experience of holding the European Triathlon Championship last year, the City Council of Pontevedra showed the Spanish federation of this discipline its interest in organizing more events of a similar magnitude, and the good harmony between both organizations has led for the city to be chosen to host the Spanish Duathlon Championship next year and the World Cup of the same modality in 2014.

The Councilor for Sports of Pontevedra, Agustín Fernández, announced yesterday the agreement to host these two tests during the presentation of the twelfth edition of the Cidade de Pontevedra Triathlon that will be held this Saturday, and that will serve to qualify for the Spanish Championship of the modality to be held in September on the banks of the Lérez.

The socialist mayor explained that the National Duathlon, in which a participation of close to a thousand athletes is expected, will be held next spring on a date to be confirmed between the months of April and May, and “which will serve as a reference and ready post for the organization of the Campionato do Mundo year after».

Fernández explained that the choice of Pontevedra as the venue for these two championships is the result of the «Decided bet of this Council that is overturned not only sport in general, senón not triathlon in particular», And stressed that they will function as«reinforcement of economic activities, since they are tests that attract a huge number of athletes».

For his part, Álvaro Ogando, who attended the presentation of the Cidade de Pontevedra Triathlon on behalf of the Galician federation, highlighted that the participants in the World Cup usually stay for several days in the city, which makes this championship an event « very profitable' from an economic point of view.

The announcement that Pontevedra will be the venue for these two championships comes just two days before the president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, visits the city to hold a working meeting at the council, in which they will continue advancing in the organization of the Spanish Championship next September.

Likewise, this meeting will serve to sign the agreement between the two organizations for the celebration of the Spanish Duathlon Championship in the spring of next year and the World Cup of the same discipline a year later.

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