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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Challenge Peguera-Mallorca about to close registrations.

The test is about to hang the "Sold Out" sign

On October 19, a new edition of the Challenge-Peguera-Mallorca will be held in Peguera (Mallorca) on the medium distance format.

The test is part of the European Challenge Family calendar and has an important participation of foreign triathletes, around 80%, mainly from Germany and the United Kingdom.

Challenge-Peguera-Mallorca is a medium-distance triathlon (1,9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run) that takes place on Saturday, October 19, 2019. The core of the event is located in Peguera, a town in the municipality of Calvià.

About to hang the “Sold Out”

The test, is about to close registrations, since they have about to reach the quota of registered, 1.200 participants

If you want to participate in the test, you will have to hurry up.

Participate in our raffle

Currently, we have a 1 dorsal draw for the test, So cheer up and participate. If you are lucky you will take the number for free.

The tours

The swimming segment (1,9 km) develops in a U-shape in the crystal clear waters of Torà de Peguera beach.

The part of the cycling segment (90 km) runs along roads closed to traffic and contains technical segments such as the Coll dels Truis (5%), arrival route to the traditional village of Es Capdellà, a UNESCO world heritage site.

To finish the test the athletes will face the 21 km of running race that develops along the boulevard and the promenade of Peguera.

Pablo Dapena and Judith Corachán will be in the test

triathlete Pablo Dapena has confirmed its participation in the Challenge Mallorca, a test that will be held on October 19.

Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, Antony Costes or Pieter Hemeeryc have also confirmed their attendance.

In the female category, Judith Corachán has confirmed that she will be and will face trialteas such as Radka Kahlefeldt, Fenella Langridge or Hana Kolarova among others.

More information: http://www.challenge-mallorca.com/es/

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