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Chef Urrechu, will participate in the longest race in the world

Participate in a test of 246 km of route in Greece

The well-known chef Inigo Urrechu, presented last Thursday at his restaurant on Calle Velázquez, his new challenge for 2020, the #Ultraurre, which consists of completing the longest career in the world in Greece, the Spartathlon of 246 km of route.

In the presentation he told us that his intention is to give visibility to the project for a good cause, the raising awareness in society of the need to do sports. Lately we have seen very worrying data on the obesity in our country, since by 2030 it is expected that the 80% of men have obesity problems and therefore, this will be transmitted to the smallest, where currently the percentage of obese is 30%.

What does your challenge consist of?

The chef Urrechu, will participate in the longest race in the world

Regarding his challenge, the Spartathlon, It is a 1-year journey to achieve the classification to the test and prepare thoroughly to be able to overcome the 246 km route.

This test leaves Athens and ends in Sparta with a maximum of 36 hours to complete.

For this you need to complete at least a 100 km test in less than 10 hours and will test your classification twice in the 100 km of Murcia (March) and Santander (June).

He also unveiled his solidarity challenge this July which consists of completing 18 marathons in 18 days, to complete the Camino de Santiago

Urrechu is not new to running

The chef Urrechu, will participate in the longest race in the world

Urrechu is not new to running, he has already done crazy things like doing 100 km on the track, Ironman and several 110 km or 24 ultradistance races running continuously.

Although for this challenge you will have to prepare thoroughly. For this, it will count on the help of two of our sponsors, the High Performance of Rebook Sport the Finca and Compex, the leading brand of electrostimulation on the market.

During the presentation many sports figures were present, such as Chema Martinez, the influencer Veronica Costa (Vikika) or Juan Antonio Ramos, Spanish runner-up runner-up of the world veterans in 100 km.

This project is in solidarity and will collaborate with various associations such as the Fundación Dame Vida, with the musician Iván Sevillano Pérez , known as Huecco, where he will put the soundtrack to a documentary that will be recorded throughout the challenge,

More information https://www.inigourrechu.com/deportista/

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