The CSD awards the Gold Medal for Sports Merit to Dº.Jose Hidalgo

The Secretary of State for Sports, Albert Soler, announced yesterday that the Spanish government will award the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation Dº José Hidalgo, on October 5, with the Royal Order of Sports Merit with the Gold Medal.

This distinction is presented as a recognition of his brilliant professional career that has served decisively in the projection of Triathlon at the National level. In the resolution of the award, the Higher Sports Council highlights that the medal is a consequence of “merits, circumstances and contribution to sport”, providing that Mr. Jose Hidalgo Martin enter the Royal Order of Sports Merit in the GOLD MEDAL category. . Also highlighting the resolution; "What a deserved distinction is the recognition of his brilliant professional career, which has decisively served the national and international projection of Spanish Sports"

Since 1996, Dº José Hidalgo has been elected for four consecutive terms as President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, since 2006 he has been President of the Ibero-American Triathlon Association and member of the Executive Committee of the COE for ten years presiding since its creation of the New Technologies Commission of this body.

During this period the Spanish Triathlon has been recognized internationally; as well as at the national level thanks to its commitment to the development at all levels of Triathlon, managing to popularize this sport that has grown exponentially, being at this time one of the most emerging sports on the Spanish scene

The Gold Medal is the highest distinction that a sports leader can obtain, this distinction being awarded each year to a few people among leaders and athletes of the highest level. The Medal will be presented to him in a solemn act to be held in Madrid on October 5.

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