El Doñarosa II Duatlón de Sevilla'12 will be the largest share of Spain

It was presented with the presence of María José Pedrosa (IMD manager), José María Merchán (president of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation), María Pujol (international triathlete) and Rafael López Ordóñez (international paratriathlete).

The Doñarosa II Duathlon of Seville does not stop growing. In just one year, it has become the most registered in Spain, with almost 600 participants. Specifically, there are 587 athletes who will hang their number next Sunday to compete in a test that, despite being only the second edition, has already made an important hole in the calendar. The presentation of the test was held at the Hotel Barceló Renacimiento in Seville, attended by María José Pedrosa (IMD manager), José María Merchán (president of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation), María Pujol (international triathlete) and Rafael López Ordóñez (international paratriathlete).

The president of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation has stressed “the pride and gratitude that the IMD is collaborating with an ambitious project such as the Seville Duathlon. Since I started in the Federation we have set ourselves the objective of getting closer to the citizen of Seville. In this test we want to bring international athletes, so that they know our climate, our facilities and later come to train in the city.

Seville will be the spearhead of our Federation, we are coordinating with the IMD to promote the sport and we are achieving it. We have to continue betting on Seville and, in addition to popular events, we are going to bring international events, "said Merchán.

For her part, the manager of the Municipal Sports Institute wanted to “convey our gratitude to the Andalusian Triathlon Federation for having us as collaborators in this event. For participating and making us part of their achievements. If we provide the seal of quality and distinction of the city, it will be a success. We have made a commitment to the future for this Duathlon of Seville, which will continue to have the support of the IMD ”, Pedrosa commented.

Two of the favorites were also present in their respective modalities, Rafael López Ordóñez in paratriathlon and María Pujol in the female category. The Sevillian international triathlete feels “proud to participate in a test at home. This year the Duathlon goes through a Tournament, which brings us closer to the city: the Sevillians, the tourists ... So it takes on a different dimension. For me it is an important test, I am training hard, I am like never before at this stage of the season and I will give it my all. I hadn't been like this for years ”.

Meanwhile, Rafael Gómez Ordóñez applauded “the Andalusian Triathlon Federation because it is the one that most pushes and helps paratriathletes in Spain.

That shows the high level we are having in the region. So I thank the Federation for opening events like this Duathlon to paratriathletes. It will be the first test that I do this season in Andalusia, I hope to enjoy it. I am preparing for the Spanish medium distance Championship (half Ironman), so short tests such as the Duathlon serve as a power test, they are more explosive.

The Seville Duathlon is the prelude to the Seville Triathlon, to be held on May 19, 2012. It will be held in two modalities: Sprint (5 km on foot, 20 km by bike and another 2,5 km running) and relays, where you can make a team of 2 or 3 people (federated or not) in which each one will carry out a single discipline: or running, or cycling.

The chosen place will be the Alamillo Park for the start and finish line, as well as the running circuit on foot, and in its surroundings for cycling, running through the new circuit implemented for the Seville Triathlon 2012.

Therefore, for the first time, the duathlon will “enter” in Seville by occupying a large part of Torneo street and rejoining Isla de la Cartuja via the catwalk, making a round trip on Avenida de los Discoveries and culminating the tour entering the Cartuja American Park and heading back to Alamillo.

Source: eldesmarque.es

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